It really saves lives: 11 Reasons Why You Need to Select Cycling to Work

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In America, about 90% American drive to work, while less than 1% of them ride their bikes. In the quest for comfortable and rapid transportation, you might be inclined to drive a car. However, nowadays people tend to healthy ways of transportation in popularity. And Cycling and walking are found to be more beneficial for the human body, society, and environment. In terms of the speed and effectiveness, cycling is optimal. Since many underlying dangers exist in your life, which is of highly complex and can never be put down to a single cause, but you may not aware of them until they happen. Choosing cycling can saves you away from them if you make it a part of your life. Here are 11 convincing reasons telling you the necessity of this selection.

  1. Boosting health

In this fast-speed society, health problem becomes a hot issue, which attracts attention among people around the world. Cycling is a natural health way for commuting, and also one of the popular family activities which are suitable for all ages. In the process of cycling, lungs are supplied with air and blood circulates better in all organs, as well as the immune system is strengthened. If you are in bad condition, it is urgent to find a suitable way for exercise. This sort of exercise can prevent you from suffering many diseases. It is not only associated with lower risk of heart disease, cardiovascular disease, and cancer, but also bringing you wonderful eyesight because it trains your eyes, and after a period of time, your eyes must be bright and lively.  Cycling at least 30 minutes a day helps to keep healthy and stay fit. Considering tolerance and limit of the body, you should never ride to extremes.

  1. Living longer

In addition, cycling has a significant impact on longevity. It is well-known that we can prevent many types of cancer through appropriate diet and regular exercise. It is found that people who cycle to work live longer and they reduced their chances of getting cancer by 45 percent and heart disease by 46 percent. Certainly, it can lower the risk of dying early and of getting some fatal diseases. Furthermore, cycling can help to eliminate inactivity, poor diet, and weight problems. Deaths due to pollution-related health problems can be reduced, too. The old should start to ride bikes for commute and daily exercise, and the young never wait before diseases come. When many of you are healthy by riding bikes, you live longer, at the same time it helps to reduce the number of traffic accidents. People dying in a biking accident, though, are 1 in 4,919. About 3,000 people die annually in car crashes, but only 667 while still a lot while riding a bike. Surely, on condition that wears a helmet and follows the rules of the road, it is much safer. Safety is a top priority for everyone.


  1. Cutting down cost

It must be one of the powerful reasons to ride a bike if you are tactful in managing money, and you might notice that cycling can cut down cost. Cycling enables you to save a lot of cost for healthcare and fitness center as a healthy tool, and you can save time and money to see a doctor or go to a gym. A bike is much cheaper than a car. When you commute by bike, there is no worry about training fee for getting a driver’s license, purchasing and maintaining a new car, and buying fuel and oil, and other automobile expense. Hence you can save money to improve your quality of life in other fields. Besides, cycling is cheap for traveling. In the previous trip, did you have trouble in considering the traveling fee? If yes, cycling is optional.

  1. Saving space and time

As we can see that the place parking one car can include 20 bikes. The bike is a space-saver. Provided that most of the people cycle to work, there is no need to clear lane for parking cars, thus land resource can be utilized rationally. And it is less dangerous that fewer cars try to crossing in front of you to park when you are unconscious. With its flexibility, cycling can also take less time in traffic. You might rebut that driving a car to work is faster than riding a bike. Yet it is not effective during rush hour. If you cannot stand constant and massive traffic jams which may cause you late for work or school, flexible cycling can save you from the punishment of teacher or your boss. A stationary bicycle is also alternative if you confront bad weather or just want to do exercise indoor.

  1. Relieving stress

It is a great way to reduce stress. If you are too stressful to have a nice sleep, cycling can boost blood circulation, and make you have a sufficient sleep. You may notice that stress makes your heart beat faster, which leads to a build-up of CO2 and a lack of oxygen in the brain, consequently causing more pressure; cycling exercise can get rid of this vicious circle. Actually forces you to breathe regularly, as well as to breathe deeper to expel any remaining CO2 – both key methods used to relief stress in non-riders, so you’re practicing proven clinical techniques. Making a good use of this method is helpful for your state of mind, especially when it becomes a habit of you. As the doctors say, it is one of the most effective treatments for the pressure of spirit and the human body and in many cases has been proven to be as effective as medication within the limit. You will stay active for long periods of time to face every difficulty and challenge, especially in today's competitive world.

  1. Protecting environment

The world has still focused on environmental pollution and protection. Countries are making their efforts and invest huge money to it. It is the duty of everyone to protect not only the living conditions, surrounding environment, but also forests and even the earth. Do you know that 50-90% of emissions are caused by the automobile, and the air pollution and noise pollution are waiting to deal with? Also, the wide animals are suffering from environmental deterioration. While in manufacturing cars, several tons of waste and 1.2 billion cubic yards of pollution are generated each year. In this tough situation, cycling is positive to response the call. The bike takes far fewer natural resource to produce.Thinking about your living condition of your future and your generations’ future, a choice of cycling can combat the harm of environment.

7.Fashion lifestyle and broaden horizons

Cycling is becoming more fashionable and prestigious all over the world. You can know from TV, newspaper, and magazines that a large number of celebrities and political figures have already made cycling a habit which is followed by people.  Even it started a revolution of independence and emancipation for women with changing the feminine wardrobe. Now it is a healthy vehicle, social club, family activity at weekends and holidays. When riding bikes alone, you will feel free, disturbed and quiet. When cycling with accompaniers, you will be respected and supported. You can temporarily flee all the world's desires and troubles at that time, leaving the stress away which is helpful your mental health. When fond of cycling, you open the door for the outside. Hence you can get in touch various experience of various landscapes and people through guided cycling tours comprise of a day and multi-day tours with lodging, cycle and food provided. Another sky will be found. A wide vision can contribute to thinking about things from different perspectives rather than parochial views.


  1. Making more friends

Do you fear to meet some new people? Or do you have trouble in making friends? If you do, it is time fort you to step out your small circle and meet more people with courage. People who have common habits or tend to do common activities are easier to start conversations with one another. Even you are not good at social talking and activities when you are cycling, you can talk to cyclists by asking the question about cycling, asking for help or offering help friendly since you are in the same camp. Friends from diverse backgrounds can provide more helpful advice and suggestions to help you avoid dangers and go through difficult barriers. When you desire to start a cycling travel, they will be always there to support you along the way. So why not attend some cycling clubs or competitions? A larger social circle is waiting for you.


  1. Less comparing yourself to others

When out of the competition of comparing car brands, you will find it more comfortable to live.  People who like to compare are in a quest to figure out “how we’re doing,”, and try to show their better lives and it arouses malaise to consequences of social comparison. People are Jealous, so they will do their utmost to catch up. Eventually, they have to pay for the price. Some people think that car is a symbol of social status. In the cycling world, it can combat certainly, because the cyclists pursuit the spirit trip and physical training, or aspire to win the cycling games. They think that jealousy may undermine their ability to truly cherish the good things that come to others. And they tend to be modest and down to earth. In their views, therefore, it is more important to build their spirit than to mold the material life. Consequently, if you start to ride a bike and make it a habit, less mental burden from comparing to others can be attained and then an easier life will come to you.

  1. Improving qualities

Cyclists eventually have to learn to repair their bikes and know how to deal with the condition when your bike is suddenly broken. It practices manipulative ability. It also goes a long way in increasing your stamina. Meanwhile, cycling can train the body, mind, and heart, and also show patience and persistence. If you are weak in persistence, it is a good start for your cycling. Because after you ride for a distance, you have to ride back. It provides few choices. In the beginning, considering your current physical situation and endurance, a proper distance is important. If it is too far, you might be frustrated. After a long time of cycling, it develops muscular strength and endurance. If you have children, it is apt to lead them to learn cycling and how to maintain bikes. It is good for children growth in physical and spirit qualities, which teaches them how to handle with many similar challenges since childhood.


  1. Enhancing a sense of happiness

Cycling makes you happier and more productive. Is it a pleasure thing that you stay away from disease? Do you satisfy when you save a lot of money? Are you delighted to be supported by others? Certainly, happiness is easy to gain. To set up a goal is very important for cyclists. After accomplishment, a sense of fulfillment can be achieved, which makes you easier to be happy. When touching the world, you will be more realistic and insightful. When you will focus on self-improvement rather than one-upmanship, you will have less trouble. When it is hard to get rid of sadness and depression, cycling can cure you as a tool to release.

Cycling saves not only your life but also others’. As the saying goes, from small increments comes abundance. What if everyone takes action and cycle or walk for a short distance to work or supermarkets, and more and more people travel by bikes, does the pollution can be lessened and more disease can be avoided? In addition to the above-mentioned, more reasons and advantages can be known if you turn to cycle from car driving. When stepping on the foot plate, you will discover a new sky and a new world. Then it can make you live in a new world of joy communication, health, success, and entertainment. That explains what it is the popular and optimal choice. Does your heart flip? If yes, now it’s your turn to make a step and cycle towards a greener, safer, happier and healthier future.