It’s Time to Cycling Efficiently: Start With These 15 Tips

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Do you enjoy cycling? Do you want to have a try on cycling? Do you still get confused for so many various bikes on the market and don’t know how to choose one? Do you keep worrying about the bike that the shopkeeper recommend to you is a junk ? If your answer is a yes, this article is just for you. Here, I’m going to tell you what is the most efficient and good-quality bike, with the following criterion to use for reference, you will definitely find your own best bike. Can’t wait? Let’s get the start!


If you are riding a bike for fun or commuting, you must agree that mobility is of great importance and should be put on the first consideration. When you ride a bike go out, you must don’t want to drag a heavy one as you are trying to find a place to chain it up. When there are some places that you cannot ride across, like a river or a very steep slope, you must don’t want to take a heavy bike with you as you are endeavoring to get across. And whenever and wherever you are riding your bike, a lighter bicycle will help you save energy. Thus, a light bicycle, which means road bike,is much better and convenient for you.


The importance that wheels to the bike is similar to feet to the human, a bike equipped with good-quality wheels will help you ride on the road like a bird. But how to judge whether a wheel can work well? Above all, you should keep in mind that light wheels are much more significant than a light bike. Light wheels mean that their friction with the ground and the air drag force will be lessened, thus your cycling speed will accelerate to a larger extent. And then, the rotating mass matters, choosing those wheels with excellent rotating mass, they will help you lessen the rolling friction, then you can ride your bike easily and in a relaxing mood.


No matter which type of roads you are riding your bike on, good roads on the flat, a steep slope or an uphill road, aerodynamics will make a big difference. The main reason that aerodynamics is so important is it can reduce the wind resistance. If you have ever ridden into a stiff headwind, you must know about wind resistance. It’s exhausting! In order to move forward, you have to push through the mass of the air in front of you, which will take you lots of energy. So choosing an aerodynamic-efficient designed bike which is in a streamlined shape will do you a great favor.


Want to choose a most efficient bike, a good bearing must be something that you need to put great emphasis on. When it comes to good bearings, ceramic ones have been strongly recommended for many cyclists for its numerous advantages, such as high-temperature resistance, insulation, corrosion resistance and self-lubricating. With these strong points, ceramic bearings must be put into your must-consider list.


when you are riding a bike, you must hope that every part of your bike can work well. But how to make that come true? Here is the time when the lube come in handy. Before your cycling, make sure that you have lubricated everything properly, which will help your bike work smoothly and favorably. In that case, you don’t need to spend too much your energy and ride as fast as you want.


You could not deny that when you are riding a bike, your pedals do most of the work. They not only keep your feet in place when they are spinning up and down but also provide you a solid platform to push against so you can generate the power needed to propel you and your bike forwards. Therefore, picking the best pedals is crucial for how your cycling experience will be. Here, clipless pedals will be highly recommended for their obvious strengths. With clipless pedals, you don’t have to worry about your feet slipping down as you are riding anymore, because they use a cleat to fasten your sole of the shoe, and you will be more confident in riding for a safer connection between you and your bike.


In general, you can wear any kind of shoes to biking as you like, but for those regular cyclists, they must tell you how enjoyable it can be to wear a pair of shoes specifically designed for biking. Compared to common shoes, the benefits of the shoes are evident. They are designed with stiffer soles to provide more efficient energy transfer as your pedal and are paired with a compatible pedal to hold your feet securely on the bicycle. Thus, get a pair of bike shoes, you will not regret having it.


What bike suspension can do? There is no doubt that good bike suspension has many benefits that help your bike become the most efficient bike and improve your biking enjoyment, it provides improved control, traction as well as comfort on rocky and single track roads. Generally speaking, the suspension is divided into front suspension only and full suspension, you should select a proper one according to your need. Front suspension only is best for hard rides on rough trails while the full suspension is best for all-purpose use. So usually, a full and active suspension is highly recommended.


A bicycle fairing is a full or partial covering for a bike to reduce aerodynamic drag or protect the bike from the elements. With an excellent bicycle fairing for your own bike, you can not only add to its style but also enhance its performance. When choosing the bicycle fairing, here are some tips you should bear in mind. First of all, make sure that you know about the various type of fairings well, full, half and quarter fairings, dustbins, dolphins and so on. Then choose the fairing which has a similar color theme with your bike. And it would be better to buy the OEM ones for its safety.

10.Skin suits

When we are riding on the flat course, actually, the main factor that affects your speed is the wind resistance. It’s commonly accepted that the bike accounts for 20% of the overall drag and your body account for the remaining 80%. Hence, want to ride faster, you should make some changes, and one such upgrade is a skin suit. Generally, a skin suit which conforms to the aerodynamic designed, usually one-piece and no-pockets-in-the-back one is the best to help you accelerate.


When we are riding a bike, safety must be our first consideration, only when you are safe, can efficiency make a sense. The helmet is here to provide you head protection and against the rotational forces, your head encounters during a crash. Of course, in addition to this, the helmet can also perform in aerodynamic advantages, cool your head and make you look cool. Generally speaking, a time trial helmet can achieve these functions to the largest extent.

12.Riding glasses

Like the helmet, the main function of riding glasses is protection. Wearing specialized glasses when riding a bike can protect your eyes from dust, dirt as well as UV rays. Also, riding glasses could provide you better visibility to the left/right so you can see behind you, and you can switch out the lenses according to the time of the and the weather condition. Thus, you can see that with a pair of professional glasses, you can definitely improve your cycling enjoyment and efficiency.


According to some studies, genitalia numbness was found to be the most common, approximately 50 to 91 percent cyclists were suffering from it, and the primary reason is because of the pressure of the saddle. Whether your saddle is comfortable for you or not will have a direct effect on your cycling enjoyment. Therefore, picking a good and comfy saddle is a necessity. Look for those good-quality saddles which are stable enough for you body to adapt to, you will have a more enjoyable experience.


When it comes gloves for cycling, there are tow kinds, one is the full-cover gloves, the other is only cover the palm and leave the fingers uncovered. No matter what kind of glove you select, it is the indispensable part of your cycling. On the one hand, it can reduce the friction between your hands and handlebars, as well as dampen vibrations, on the other hand, it also reduces the pressure on your ulnar nerve. In one word, with a pair of good-quality bike gloves, your comfort during cycling will have a great improvement.


If you think your post has nothing to do with your bike efficiency during your cycling, well, you are completely wrong. Without a right post, a good bike is also a waste. When you are riding a bike, try to keep your upper body still, the more you move it around, the more energy you are losing. So be relaxed and focus your energy on your pedal strokes. In this way, you can reduce the air drag and ride faster, farther and more efficiently.


With all the tips have mentioned above, you must have had a clear idea in mind what can help to make the most efficient bike. Biking is an absolutely interesting sport as long as you find the right way to get your bike come into play to the greatest extent. No matter you are a beginner or a regular cyclist, with all these tips, your biking journey must be enjoyable and fantastic!