Learn How To Do Triathlon Cycling Training

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With the proper training, the cycling portion of a triathlon can be a very successful one for you. It will increase your speed and allow you to move more freely. Compared to the running and swimming legs of a triathlon, cycling isn't as physically intensive. Some participants therefore may not take this part as seriously, so making a commitment to training the right way can allow you to make big strides during the race.

The first priority is to buy a cycling bike. Some might think that any bike will do, but this is not the case. Sure, there is nothing wrong with a basic model, but you might be at a disadvantage during the race. Mountain bikes are preferred because they have better handling, brakes, wider tires, and changing gears is easier.

One way to ensure that you get the right size is by getting a bike fit, which can be done at most bike stores. If you are purchasing a new bike, then they will do this for free.

Being comfortable while riding is extremely important in order to maximize your performance during the triathlon. That is why you should really make sure that your bike is the right size for you.

Get Familiar With The Bike

Once you have your bike, the next step is to get accommodated to it. While indoor cycling is a wonderful way to train, it's not the same as riding out on the road. You will have to practice getting off the blocks. This involves placing one foot on the pedal, pushing off, then getting the other foot on the pedal. You

Changing gears is something that will take some getting used to also. This will come into play particularly when going up a hill, as changing gears can make this much easier. You will have to take your hands off the handlebar to do this, so be sure you get comfortable with it.

Mountain bikes have excellent brakes, but you need to know how to use them the right way. You will need to get an idea of how much pressure needs to be applied to stop the way you want to. It's a good idea to ride slowly at first when getting used to the brakes to avoid any serious accidents.

Triathlon cycling training can be done for a good 30 minutes in the beginning, then extended to an hour or so as you progress. You can then integrate short runs with cycling to simulate what you will be doing in the triathlon.