Look here---why do you need to join a cycling club?

Posted by tan xiao yan on

Perhaps you are a solo rider and you also have a great desire to riding alone, you may think that while riding alone, you can make your schedule freely according to your own idea and own time, you can enjoy the beautiful view on the way and go wherever you want to go. However, the one alone is always with the sense of somewhat loneliness, why not have a thought to join a cycling club? In the club, you may gain something you have never gain and something that maybe affects your whole life. Here are some reasons why should you join a cycling club.

Gain skillful training and knowledge

Some members of a cycling club are very skillful and know a lot about cycling, the accumulation of cycling experience and knowledge must be huge. They can give you some guides and help you overcome some difficulties you may meet in the future. Also, the club will organize a lot of professional cycling training to protect you from danger and injury, they will also teach you to deal with the unexpected condition happening on your bikes. Once you have been cycling with a club you will soon gain a lot of necessary and basic skills and knowledge.

Solve Cycling Loneliness
A member will always be welcomed by many other members and they will do something to help you feel welcome. As soon as you are part of the members, you will ride with them and play with them, you will start to ride together and do a lot of things on the way rather than just cycle and enjoy the scene alone. They can come up with all kinds of interesting things to do in order to add some pleasure to the journey. With the companion and joy, you are hard to feel cycling loneliness.

Enhance your courage

When you face the difficulties on the way and a thought comes in your mind calling you to give in, our companions are always the power that you can count on. They will be together with you and give you the courage to go on. They tend to look out for each other, help each other and in the club, you’ll get so much support and encouragement. Obviously, a club will encourage you to be an 'active' member, help you get rid of the passive thought.

Get first help

A club always organizes group riding activities, you will ride on the same way and to the same place. If there is some unexpected accident happens, for example, in the hot summer days, you are very easy to suffer heatstroke, if your partners are beside you, they will help at once and give first aid

Meet like-minded friends
In a new cycling circle, you will meet a lot of new friends and gain new and somewhat different friendships. Unlike the friends in school or work, these friends share a specific interest in cycling the same as you, which means you are more common in one aspect. You can do a lot of things about cycling such as cycle to a far-distance place, have a racing competition or chat in daily life in terms of the bike and riding and so on. With the like-minded friends, you can find yourself in nature and play fun.

Find new routes
Sometimes we are very contradictory to explore a new cycling route due to safety and other factors. After feeding up of the repeating the old same routes, you can try to find new roads and routes with your like-minded friends you made in the club together. With these friends exploring, you can reduce your anxiety and ensure your safety so that you can find new roads. A team is more powerful than only one. With a global map, you can set off to explore new routes.

Share the concessional terms

You must buy your own cycling equipment and your own cycling clothes, you must pay for all things you need. In a club, you can share the discount. As we all know, if we buy the same thing, the more numbers we buy once, we will share more discount. Many bike shops offer discounts to members of associated clubs or organizations that many club members also join. In this aspect, you will save a lot of many comparing to buy yourself without the identity of club members.

Form a good riding habit
Many riders have a keen passive to ride, but how long can you ride regularly? Some may quit in half the way or ride very irregularly because of many factors. Always a cycling club will come out for regular weekend rides two times a week, cycling groups are arranged to ride together and to reach a goal according to the riders’ ability. You will have a desire to ride with your partners and keep your motivation on riding. After an enduring riding, you will find that you have formed a habit invisibly. This will have a great influence on your life, which can help you build a strong body and keep in good health.

A group can ensure you go far distance and go easily in your riding journey. Maybe some of you fear of joining a cycling club for some reasons. What I want to say about it is that you are just blinded by some bad and profit-making clubs. When you join a right club, you will find there are many benefits you can never imagine and never find. If you are a solo rider, maybe you should try to join a riding club, when you do, you’ll be doing yourself and your cycling world will be filled with different beautiful and unimaginable scenes.