Looking for the best padded shorts?---Set your eyes here!

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Most cycling lovers know that it’s extremely important to wear cycling clothes when riding rather than regular street clothes. However, when it comes to cycle, a pair of cycling shorts plays an essential role on your journey. But most of you maybe don’t know what kind of cycling shorts to choose. Here we will introduce some classic cycling shorts for you----the best-padded shorts. These kinds of shorts are not just as common as what you have known, but very special, helpful and fashionable. Do you know the difference between padded shorts and not padded shorts? What can you benefit from the padded shorts? Look at the follow introduces of different brands of padded shorts and you can know the answers.

Pearl Izumi Quest Cycling Shorts

Pearl Izumi shorts are very popular among cyclists, which are made of nylon. More important aspect is that they have a very good breathability. You don’t need to worry about the hot days because it’s crisp and can give you a sense as if you’re flying on the air while wearing on the legs. There is no doubt that you will be very comfortable and relaxed. It is available to get five different sizes whatever you want. In case of reducing chafing in some inevitable conditions, this type of shorts has very different design--- especially including a male-male designing scheme, we design our shorts at different aims for women and men.

What maybe also attracts your eyes is that the padding becomes thinner, but they use the best materials. And they’re soft and light-weight. When you need to pick up on bags or suitcase, it is convenient and very suitable for the long cycling trip. You don’t need to worry about picking them up, just a small backpack is OK. You can go on your light way.

As what we mentioned above, these shorts’ shell fabric are nylon, not cotton, so they have a strong ability of sweat-handing. There are many weeny holes designed on the shorts. When you ride up a steep hill, your cotton T-shirt will be full of sweat, and you will get very hot because of hot-gas. With the accumulation of sweat, you will get cold easily, it turns out that your plan must be delayed. However, our padded shorts can reduce the hot-gas and promote the evaporation of sweat. Besides, the gentle wind can penetrate your shorts and give you a sense of balminess. In addition, cycling gear can evaporate water vapor and move it away from your skin. It’s good for your health.

Our purpose is to provide the safest and most convenient service for customers. It’s the best option for the beginners as a matter of fact. So why not go into action and buy one or more?

Santic Cycling Short

It can be regarded as the most fashionable cycling shorts. There are four main advantages: the ability to assimilate dampness; the ability of antibiotic action; springy; custom fit and unaffected

Santic Cycling Shorts contain not only one color but two at least. A fashionable pair of shorts with a range of different color options can give you a fresh feeling, putting on this kind of shorts can make you like a very passionate man, it can help you let go of your unhappiness and pressure, and put you at ease. With a pair of colorful shorts can also pleasure other people. People around you will can’t help themselves but pay one more eye on you when you wear this kind of cycling shorts

They consist of a mixture of material including nylon, spandex and Lycra, and a special logo on both sides which ensure your safety on darkness or at night, it can give off a gentle light to warn other people and avoid unnecessary danger.

3D stereo clip decreases the pressure and gives you more comfort sense. The structure of these padded layers has a good seismic resistance to keep you comfortable and safe when you are riding. Can you find another choice better than this one? Exactly not!

The waistband is made by adjustable materials, you can adjust it whenever you need. You can easily take it off or put it on. When you are riding, your waist will be very light and you don’t feel the pressure from your waistband.

There is something important to consider:

When you decide to buy these padded shorts, please choose the right size, because of the unique design, it can be better for you to buy a size bigger than you normally, here a range of different sizes and colors are available. If you have bought the wrong size, you can connect with us and change it too.

Please wash the shorts by hands, it’s not fit to wash by machine. Our shorts are made from the rare material, so for a long use, you had better wash them by hands.

Champion Women Padded Cycling Shorts

Here is the paradise of cycling women. We chose the better cycling shorts for women meticulously. Now we introduce the cycling shorts for women cycling lovers.

▲▲It’s comfortable and elastic whether inside or in waist, you will never feel tight or unease

▲▲There is a soft padding in on the place of seat, which can protect your ass from hurting and pain

▲▲A little tight, but very fit.

▲▲Clean and beautiful

▲▲At the bottle, designed with seven colors to stand out your personality

▲▲Very comfort, style, and durability

▲▲Sun block

▲▲Small key pocket on waistband

▲▲Be suitable for mid-length rides very much

Some women hesitate for cycling for some reasons such as the burning sun, fatigue or so, but I think this pair of cycling shorts can solve most of your scruples. If you possess a fit cycling shorts, you will have more passion to cycle.

Women may be weaker than men, and you can feel fatigued easily. When you ride your bike if there is something soft between you and your saddle, that must be perfect I believe. It can help you reduce your nervous and discomfort. And also you very care about your beautiful skin. This kind of shorts can prevent the ultraviolet ray and keep your skin as usual. On the other hand, it is breathable and can keep sweat out. Because of Unique fabric, it can prevent the rain from letting water in if you unluckily encounter the bad weather.

The shorts is very seamless and flexible, you can enjoy yourself at ease and need not worry about being broken. The shorts stand wear and tear.


A pair of suitable cycling shorts is very important for a cyclist to enjoy himself, but if you own a pair of padded cycling shorts, it can ensure your journey the most comfortable and enjoyable.

Our shorts are designed by famous costume designers and made from rare materials. We have won a good fame on the market and they are popular with customers.

At the developing society, health becomes more and more important, when you are busy at you endless work, it’s a good idea to slow down and have an outside fun, relax and put your pressure aside. Just own a pair of cycling padded shorts here and we can give you a wonderful trip!