Lose Weight And Get Fit With Indoor Cycling

Posted by tan xiao yan on

Obesity is one of the biggest health problems facing us today. While the statistics show that obesity has plateaued in recent years, it's still estimated that one out of every three adults are obese. Fortunately, there are plenty of exercises available for those who are obese or overweight to shed pounds and get in better shape. One such exercise is indoor cycling, and it's really one of the best ways to lose weight. Health experts speak highly of it because not only will it burn fat, but will also improve leg strength, the cardiovascular system, and is a low impact exercise.

Cardiovascular Benefits

By riding an indoor cycling bike for just 30 minutes per day, you will trim a lot of body fat. The average person is said to be able to increase their heart rate by almost 80% when cycling, which is ideal for burning fat. It's also said that one 60 minute session is capable of burning as much as 1200 calories. Indoor cycling will strengthen your heart and therefore help prevent cardiovascular disease long term.

Cold Climate? No Problem

Indoor cycling is very beneficial for those who live in colder climates. Gone are the days when you had to rely on the weather being warm and dry to participate in this activity. Indoor cycling bikes continue to increase in popularity. Not only does it allow you to cycle when the weather is cold, but also during any part of the day. Many work long days and aren't able to exercise until late in the evening or very early in the morning. Owning an indoor cycling bike allows people to exercise when it's most convenient for them.

No Special Skill Required

What's also great about cycling is that it does not require great athletic ability or skill. You simply jump on the bike and start pedaling. You can go at your own pace. Also, you can listen to music, read a book, or watch a DVD while doing it. It's an exercise that can be done by all ages because it's low impact. This is the advantage that it has over jogging or running. Some are not able to endure the stress that running puts on their joints.

Indoor cycling bikes are available in all different price ranges, styles, and sold by a variety of brands. They are a great way to lose weight and achieve a healthier you.