Six Causes And Treatment You Require To Know On Cycling Pain

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Considering cycling as a low-impact sport, a great number of cyclists never try to pay much attention to their physical health, ignore the negative effects and injuries that cycling may bring about. As a matter of fact, if you are not careful and don’t pay attention to the potential injuries when cycling, they will likely occur, it is just simply a matter of when. Thus, if you are experiencing some pains because of cycling, or even you are good now but would like to know something about causes and remedies to cycling pains so as to prevent yourself from them, this article will definitely make a difference for you. Here we go.

Hip Pain
♦♦ Cause: Generally speaking, the common cause for suffering hip pain is you are pushing yourself excessively on high gears. cycling hip painActually, hip pain has something to do with piriformis syndrome which also known as wallet syndrome, because of where it hurts, this is usually caused by overtraining and specifically by overworking the gluteus maximus muscles in your buttocks. And when we ride our bikes, the piriformis actually does not work much for it is just a small muscle that rotates the leg outwards and cyclists don’t need to use most of the time. However, if you cycle too much, the piriformis will be overstressed, then it will build in size to the point of putting pressure on the sciatic nerve, causing pain or numbness down the leg or in the hip.

♦♦ Treatment: Above all, what you do is to increase your cadence and gear backwards to ease some pressure off your hips during long pedals cycling. And as the piriformis problem, you can make some yoga pigeon ease the pain.

Foot Pain
♦♦ Cause: Well, foot discomfort is often the result of inappropriate footwear and the fat pads on your feet which protect the nerves from a shrink. Of cause, your foot pain could also be related to riding in a too-high gear, which results in more pressure of the foot against the pedal.

♦♦ Treatment: It is highly recommended to ride your bike with soft soles that concentrate the pedal pressure on isolated parts of the foot. And an excellent solution for your foot overheat is to wear cycling sandals which are extremely comfortable when it comes to cycling. By the way, you should wear socks to protect against chafing when wearing sandals.

Hand Pain
♦♦ Cause: Reasons on why you will suffer hand pain are various. Putting too much weight on your hand during pedals cycling hand paincycling, cocking your wrists at extreme angles, the transmission of road “buzz” and vibration through the bars, all of these can easily lead to hand pains, numb and tingly fingers.

♦♦ Treatment: If you are suffering from this, the first thing to address is your riding position to take pressure off your hands and redistribute your bodyweight more appropriately. And the most direct solution for this is to wear a pair of cycling gloves which will help lesson your pain to a larger extent.

Back Pain
♦♦ Cause: For most cyclists, back pain may be the most annoying syndrome with a lack of flexibility and bad posture generally the cause. “The natural, neutral position for the human body is standing with all your muscles in balance,” says Edwards, a health expert of America. “So, the minute you start reaching forward, you are stretching some of those muscles more than they are used to, and potentially holding that stretch for hours at a time.”

♦♦ Treatment: Well, it is time to check proper bike fit. See to it that you are not reaching too far whenever you are cycling. And if you have ridden on the road for hours and sat in the same position, remember to take regular breaks. After the cycling, you can try to do some other exercise to ease your muscle, like shrug it off and reach for the sky.

Knee Pain
♦♦ Cause: In fact, knee pain is pretty common especially for new bike cyclists. It is caused by incorrect saddle or cleat cycling knee painpositions or doing rigid pedals cycling routine even at early biking stages. And another fundamental cause of knee pain in cyclists is actually a small muscle on the outside of the hip called the posterior gluteus medius which is quite significant for preventing your knees rolling inwards, and when weakened by an over-tight IT band, many painful problems like medial knee pain will occur.

♦♦ Treatment: If your knee pain is acute, the first course of action is to apply what the experts all RICE, Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation, and then get you to one of those experts. If your knee pain is not that severe, you could try to do some lateral leg exercises to relief your muscles.

Neck Pain
♦♦ Cause: The cause for neck pain actually is pretty the same with the back pain, they are all connected with the positional issues on the bike combined with a lack of flexibility. “Just as you have core stabilisers around your middle,” says Edwards, “you have stabiliser muscles called deep neck flexors around your neck to hold your head up. When they become weak it is left to the trapezius muscle that goes from the base of your skull to the shoulder to support your head as you lean forward. It’s when these stand-in's muscles get fatigued that you get the aches and pains in the back and sides of your neck.”

♦♦ Treatment: The easiest way to avoid neck pain is to change your posture on the bike so that you don’t have to crane your neck up so severely. Then try to do some relaxing exercise for your neck, like yoga.

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To Recap

Just like any endurance sport, cycling can produce a catalogue of niggling aches and pains, which unless diagnosed and properly treated can often lead to something more serious. Thus, I hope that what I suggested above can really help you get away from these suffering pain. Of cause, if you have a better idea, please leave your comments to us.