Solving Bike Fit Problems With FSA Bicycle Components

Posted by tan xiao yan on

When you look at different parts companies, many of them seem to make virtually the same product just with different logos. Full Speed Ahead (FSA) makes seat posts and handlebars that are different. Without these parts, myself and a lot of clients I fit wouldn't be able to achieve as comfortable a position as we do. Unique items like these can be the tools you need to solve your bike fit problems.

With an eye towards better fit they created the K-Force seat post with the option of 0, 25 mm or 32 mm of rearward offset. I've never had a problem getting people's saddle forward but I often can't get people far enough back with the stock seat post. It doesn't help that many bike companies have made their seat tube angles steeper over the years. The 32 mm offset post allows the rider to get further behind the pedals and achieve a balanced position. This is of particular importance for people with long upper bodies, as they have to have their hips further back to be balanced. The other thing that the F-force seat post with their DATA head mounting system allows is side to side saddle movement. To do this you need to slightly modify the clamp which will void warranty but is the only solution for some people. To modify the clamp you need to file down the centering nub on the clamp that holds the saddle rails. Once you've done that you have about 12 mm of side to side adjustability.

The other stand out design from FSA is the compact road handle bar shape. With less forward reach and less drop, this bar is more comfortable for more people than any other bar I've come across. In addition to the dimensions, the shape is a winner. The transition to the brake hoods is level so you won't get pressure on the palm of the hand when on the brake hood. Other bars drop down to the hoods which means the base of your palm is on a higher plane than the hood leading to hand numbness for many riders. The compact bars are available in a few different weights in both aluminum and carbon fiber. They are available in widths from 38 cm to 44 cm.