The Functions and Classifications for Cycling Jerseys

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Nowadays a kind of bicycle accessories ----cycling jerseys are becoming popular. Cycling is an aerobic exercise which is also beneficial to the physical and mental health. Many people like cycling because it helps them keep away from the automobile emission and fog. Meanwhile, people can also avoid the fast-paced life, the noisy jobs, and modernized environment. Riding can make people happy, but some people don’t wear professional cycling jerseys. They don’t know the importance of wearing jerseys and some even can’t figure out why to wear so cumbersomely.

So we would like to show you the function of cycling jerseys.

Cycling clothes are a type of professional clothes designed for cycling. The main function of it is to make you comfortable and protect you from injury.

In the outdoors, wearing long-sleeved jerseys can protect you from the sun and the cold in summer or autumn. In winter, wearing jerseys are able to keep you warm. It makes you different in the crowd. Pedestrians and drivers notice you and they won’t regard you as a boy racer. You had better put on cycling jerseys and wear helmets, glasses, and gloves as well.

The reasons for why cycling jerseys can protect the skin:

The material used in cycling jerseys is special polyester fabric. This fabric is of high strength. Its elasticity, ductility and abrasive resistance are pretty good. With good ventilation and perspiration, it can exhaust lots of sweats quickly to keep your body dry. Upgrading riding clothes also add the invisible silver ions in polyester fabric, which can effectively reduce the growth of bacteria and remove the odor. Jerseys are of good air permeability, quick drying, abrasive resistance and ultraviolet resistance. It can also regulate your temperature by exhausting your sweats quickly.

Cycling shorts use elastic Lycra fabrics to cling to the skin. It reduces the friction between the legs and shorts and prevents the chafe between legs. More importantly, padding lies in the area of the crotch and adds a thickening layer to protect you between you and your seat when it brings extra heat and friction in the movement. What is more, it removes the vibration caused by the road. You can stay dry and easy even if you have ridden for several hours.

Classification of cycling jerseys:

From a more professional point of view, cycling jerseys roughly divide into three categories: cycling underwear, cycling jerseys, and cycling coat. Cycling jerseys are the same of mountaineering clothes or ski suit. It can not only keep warmth but also have special functions, such as security, perspiration, easy washing, and fast drying. It can also be divided into several categories from their types: men’s cycling clothes, women’s cycling clothes, and cycling accessories. Cycling accessories include cycling gloves, sleeves, caps, shoes, and windbreakers.

Why cycling jerseys can protect you

Cycling clothes should have reflective signs. Those reflective materials are not only decorative but also an indispensable equipment. That is to say, cycling jerseys can reduce the rate of being hurt by car drivers in the evening. Most of the traffic accidents occurred at night, and more than 92% of them are caused by not wearing night vision equipment. Cycling clothes often use warning colors in the design such as red, yellow and blue to ensure your security.

It is necessary to select a suitable cycling jersey. It can not only protect you but also bring you comfort and pleasure.