The Truth About Winter Cycling

Posted by tan xiao yan on

Some people may wonder why they should invest their money and time into cycling when they can only do it a few months out of the year. Unknown to them, winter cycling is actually very popular. While cycling during this time may be more challenging, it can still be just as fun if not more so. Enjoying winter cycling is just a matter of knowing some of the basics. The following are some of the common misunderstandings about winter cycling.

The biggest concern that many would have is keeping warm, but this really isn't the least of your worries. The reason being is your body will produce a lot of heat while cycling. Even though the temperature is cold, cycling can be an intense exercise. You won't even feel cold anymore after just a few minutes. For this reason, wearing layers of clothing is not necessary if you are going winter cycling.

The idea that winter cycling is dangerous is another popular misconception. This belief stems from the fact that the roads are commonly icy and wet during the winter. While this is generally true, your bike can be customized so that this problem is eliminated. By getting studded bike tires installed, your bike will get much better traction and give the user better control. In some respects, winter cycling is actually one of the safe winter sports you can participate in.

Others believe that cycling during the winter just isn't practical because the roads are tougher to handle during these months. Though, cycling could actually be less of a challenge than driving through the snow. You won't have to worry about scraping all the ice and snow off your car, and you may actually have better control while riding. Not to mention that you will be getting exercise and staying warm in the process.