The Types of Cycling Gear

Posted by tan xiao yan on

Cycling in general doesn't require a great deal of gear and equipment to participate. Certainly, you will have to make a fairly decent investment when starting out. This includes purchasing a bike, shorts, helmet, possibly shoes, and a top. Over the long run though, you can take part in cycling without having to break the bank.

But in addition to the basic gear and equipment, there is other gear available that can enhance your cycling experience by provide more safety or comfort. Those who participate in races will have to wear more gear than usual. Mountain biking for example is far more dangerous, and this means that more padding will be needed for safety precautions.


While you can have cycling gear customized to fit your body, this is probably not necessary with all the different brands, sizes, and styles that are out there today. Wearing a good pair of cycling shorts is very important. No one wants to ride feeling uncomfortable. Shorts are designed to provide comfort, reduce chafing, and even provide protection. Mountain biking shorts for example come with additional padding for safety. While most opt for the form fitting biking shorts, you can buy ones that are looser if preferred.

Also available are longer cycling shorts and pants that are more protective and warmer for cooler weather conditions. Some riders also enjoy wearing a body suit.

As with cycling shorts, you have a selection of shirts to choose from as well. They are designed to be lightweight, breathable, and absorb moisture so you can stay cool and be comfortable while riding. Some are tighter than others, and some of the women's shirts actually include a built-in bra. Shirts are available in a number of different fits, fabrics, and designs. Some for instance have pockets, and some of the women's shirts have a zipper. All this really comes down to what fits your body the best, and your personal preference.

Having a nice water bottle is more important than some might think. Staying hydrated while out cycling is absolutely critical. The larger the bottle, the better. It must be durable and fit inside the cage on your bike. Depending on the climate you live in, investing in some rain gear could be a priority. Sunglasses are always beneficial to wear on the sunniest of days.