The Types of Indoor Cycling Workouts

Posted by tan xiao yan on

Indoor cycling workouts are ideal because not only will they burn calories and shred fat, but they are low-impact and limit the wear and tear on your body. These workouts are designed to improve endurance, strength, and speed. A number of indoor cycling workouts can be put together by altering duration, resistance, speed, and adding other exercises as well. Interval, hill, and tempo are the most basic workouts.

Your goals will determine what kind of indoor cycling workout that you select. For instance, some people want to do indoor cycling because it's efficient and will help them stay in shape. For those who don't have any goals in particular, then a mix of interval, hill, and tempo will help them get the most out of their workouts.

It's good to vary your workouts, going from longer, slower paced workouts to shorter, higher intensity ones that also have different intervals and resistance levels. You can participate in a blend of workouts by joining a gym that offers classes directed by an instructor.

Tempo Cycling

Tempo cycling workouts involve going at a consistent pace for a certain amount of time. To motivate cyclists and help them maintain tempo, it's common for music to be played. The goals of tempo cycling are to increase heart rate and stamina.

This exercise is ideal for beginners because it's an easy workout to follow, yet challenging enough to help improve one's fitness level. The difference between a beginner and more advanced cyclists is how long they are able to last.

Hill Cycling

The primary objective of hill cycling workouts is to improve leg strength by increasing the resistance every so often by adjusting the flywheel. This is a great way for cyclists to prepare for races that have a lot of hills. The workout begins with a warm up cycling at a moderate pace. Then the resistance is increased periodically for 30 seconds to several minutes. Between the tougher intervals are less challenging periods of lesser resistance but faster pace.

Interval Cycling

Interval training is the other most common indoor cycling workout. It's similar to hill cycling, the only difference is that it varies in terms of speed as opposed to resistance. The intervals are between 30 seconds and three minutes just like hill cycling. Playing music will help cyclists, as a faster beat will help them pedal faster. The results of this kind of training include improved speed and race times.