Tips to make the best of your spring training camp

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Spring is the beginning of a year, and it’s a very good season with bright-colored flowers and vivifying nature. Planning to begin a spring training camp? An organized plan is necessary.

Are you wandering being lucky enough to experience a flying journey to the sun this spring and have some warm miles? Do you want to close to nature and lose yourself in the charm of nature? Then what you need to do is to ride your bikes and make the most of your time outside.

For many cyclists, nothing can be better to have a chance to dedicate a long weekend or week to cycling. You can enjoy fresh air and good weather, shuttle back and forth in varied terrain (Want to climb? Except to go through the stunning roads? And enjoy having a look at the outside world? Don’t hesitate, try and head off! )

As a cycling lover and a veteran of training camps, I’d like to give you some hints and tips to make your journey go on wheels, and let you enjoy your time furthest. Pay attention to follow advice and I’m sure they are helpful enough for your journey.

Maintenance of your bike

The bike is an extremely important travel weapons, make sure that your bike getting serviced well. If there is any question on your bike, what a pity with a bad moon going with you on your next journey time. So, if you don't want to hand on the local cycling shop, and what you can do just gaze at you mates, while they are out riding.

Have your bike maintained before you leave and make sure everything goes on well. Fit new tyres before you leave. On your journey, one of the most important companions is your bike. I suggest that fit the same new tyres, which ensure you have a comfortable and speed ride under any circumstance. And you can adapt to your bike easily. As we all know, familiarity can let us handle everything of something.

Don’t overdo on the first day


I’ve seen figures done at this way from time to time. Most people have a keen passion and get overexcited on the first day, heading out for a huge ride and the as a result, spending the rest of the week in your weary or hurt knees. What a pity! Why not slow down and enjoy a spot with your heart

In my view, on the first day, have a good rest. Only with a good rest and passion, can you stay your passion and enjoyment for your next days. Leave some other passion behind, and have a good schedule, you will enjoy your time at the end of your whole holiday.

Remember to pick up your riding equipment

Before you go, you need to prepare your cycling equipment well, including cycling gloves, cycling clothes, cycling socks and cycling sunglasses, cycling helmets, first aid kit or so. The important thing is to remember, don’t forget to pick them up with you. With cycling equipment, your journey will be more comfortable. Your gloves can protect your hands from chafing and hurting, and you will be easier to handle your handlebar grips. Cycling sunglasses can prevent the sunlight from your eyes, and you can open your eyes and see the ground easily and clearly. What’s more, they can reduce the rate of danger and keep you safe on your journey. There is always something unhappy happening in daily life, which can't foresee but can be avoided. To avoid the emergency, you should wear your helmet while riding. Your head is the most important part of your body, you can't think it as a joke.

So remember to take them with you before you leave, you’d better have a check at your backpack to ensure everything is working perfectly.

Slow down your riding speed


As a Christian, you need to take responsibility for yourself and other people. Don’t ride too fast but slow down, especially on the downhill path. Ride at a controllable speed. What's more, don’t ride your bikes side by side, there are too many cars, buses and pedestrians on the way. Everyone goes outside and wants to get home safely, so respect your life as well as others’. And you need to observe the traffic rules, never try to break the rules.


No one can keep away from others and live alone, we all need help and care from others. Build a good relationship with your mates. Sometimes you maybe have some different ideas on your journey, but try to understand each other. When meeting with difficulties, face them with your mates. Training camp is tough, some of your mates maybe lack physical strength, at this moment you need to stand out and give them a hand in time. Besides, don’t leave everything to your mates, finish them with your mates together.

When you all know the importance of teamwork, there will be nothing difficult you can't overcome. Stay outside, most of your persistence and energy come from your mates. They play with you, encourage and support you. keep it in mind that you all need to develop the spirit of teamwork.

Prepare to cool and bad weather and take care of yourself
Sun will always rise if it’s a good weather, yet it doesn’t mean there is good weather all time, as the saying goes: the moon will wax, the moon will wane. You can’t know when it will rain or when it will be cold suddenly. We can’t predict what will happen next minutes.

As we all know, training camps often last for a long time. there is no doubt that our journey will arrive at a different place, and face with all kinds of conditions, including long rides into the mountains and the change of high or low temperature. It may be cold gradually when you climb towards the top of one mountain while the valley and the place of sea level are really warm. Temperature changes along with the altitude, higher altitude is with lower temperature. At the same time, the temperature is changeable between day and night. So taking care of yourself is the most important job. You should pick up some thermal clothes, too, except your shorts and jerseys.

Drinking water often is of vital. Although it’s spring not summer, but riding still cost plenty of your effort, you will sweat and lack of water, replenishing water can strengthen your energy. Be careful to eat food, don’t eat too much a time, or you will be uncomfortable. it will influence your plan. Just take care of yourself well!

Spare a day to rest during your journey

There is no doubt that you will fatigue after a long journey. When you leave for you training camp, you must know that this time you will go on riding more than normal. You have your goal and purpose in your mind, that means you will be riding on your bike most of your time. If you plan your journey for a week, you need to slow down at the third or fourth day. Seven days is a long training block, and you are riding your bike, it’s a good idea to spare one day to have a good rest.

Only you are viable can you keep on your journey and have fun on the rest journey time. Even some tour pros won’t train their camp all week long. You can sit down and enjoy the nature carefully. Look back to the past days and think about what you have learned and gained.

Have a conclusion

What do you think about your spring train camp? Were there some interesting things? What kind of people did you encounter? What help did you get from friendly strangers? Was there something unusual and pregnant changing your life?

When starting one thing, learn something from it. Think about your training camp carefully, it’s one of the particular trips on your whole life. Make it significant! It’s your witness of your growth process.