Top 10 errors of cycle novice

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Top 10 errors of cycle novices

Have you prepared to first riding after owning a new bicycle? What things should you pay attention to before cycling? Clean your bike carefully, both the brake and change set are smooth as usual, cycling jacket is unmatched in appearance. However, have you ever made some following mistakes? Do many people wear knickers under the cycling pants? Take off knickers and enjoy yourself!

Wear helmet back to front or in an irregular way

A cycling helmet is light and breathable. In addition to the profession, it can protect you while cycling. All the helmets which pass the nation professional examination, no matter the most inexpensive or cost several hundred dollars, are good choices. But when you first wear it, do you wear a helmet back to front or in an irregular way? Moreover, will you complain inside that why it is so difficult and unsuitable? You may think it is funny, actually, such mistake will make you unsafe. Wear a helmet in an irregular way will weaken the protective function. Apart from wear helmet back to front, don't adjust bonnet strings too tight or too loose. The depth of the cap must be fit for a head. Therefore, try it on before buying. Remember try it on the right side!

Wear knickers or other tiny pants under cycling pants

A horde of cyclists feels uncomfortable to wear cycling pants at the first time. They feel unsafe because of its tightness and non-knickers. In order to reach the best comfort, the padding in the pants is designed to cling to skin, thus decreasing the friction between skin and fabric. Meanwhile, the material of pants is sweat-discharged and breathable. If wear the knickers, it will influence the function. Certainly, it depends on individual habits. If you cycling a long time, suggest you strip off, of course, knickers off!

Carrying on all belongs

Cycling demands lightness. If you must carry something, you can put them into the three back pockets of bike cover. But if these three pockets cannot hold all your belongings you can fit some bags. for example, small cushion bag is the best choice. The upper tube bag or front triangle bag occupies a part of the seat, affecting cycling. It depends.

Not packing enough food or water.

Don't pack less foodstuff and water because of easy riding or heavy weight of water. The experienced cyclists who experienced exhausted admit the fact that you must pack enough food. When you finish riding mountain road or riding coastal road against the wind, you will feel dead tired. At this time, if you have something to eat, you may be brought back to life. When you struggle to ride up the hill, the clouds fragments and the big sun turns up. if you don't replenish water supplies, you will fall into hell from heaven. In order not to stay in the hell, remember to carry enough food and water. Otherwise, bring enough money.

No measures to mechanical breakdown

When you ride far away, appreciating wonderful scenery, and admiring yourself, all of a sudden, you hear the hiss of air escaping from the back wheel, your sunny mood darks. What will you do? Take a taxi? Call your relatives for help? Wish other friendly bikers pass? But what if all of these ways cannot go through? Unless you have a really close friend or good luck, or you should prepare two inner tubes, pump, a tool for changing a tire, tools and so on in order that you can come back.

Eat too much before participating the important activity or competition

You train constantly to take part in the important competition to be held tomorrow. In order to conserve your strength, you start your eating binge. Considering that you will ride far away, you eat too much. Freshmen, never think that the more you eat, the more strength you grow. Even if when you have spaghetti Bolognese, be careful not to eat too much. Eating too much protein food on the day before gaming is inappropriate. You ‘d better eat carbohydrate food, and eat food rich in fiber, avoiding stammer for nervousness. Most importantly, maintain a sense of balance. Do not make some obvious change for fear of malaise.

It is adventurous to ride to a totally strange place. Although it is exciting, losing your way is not a good thing.

It takes some time to seek out the right way. At the same time, you feel stressed, hence it is easier to get tired. Never think that returning is in need of not so much time and strength. Otherwise, you will come back home late at night. If you are lost your way with the beauty above, nothing could be fear. Make a plan for your route before starting. If you are going to challenge yourself, you should make a plan absolutely. It is the best if you follow some predecessors, not the fraud company.

Train frequently, ride too fast.

Riding is a most addictive activity. Once you ride, you will ride longer and faster, then your cycling skill may be improved, doesn't it? Rest is also a part of training. We must mix cycling with adequate rest. If you ignore the importance of rest and go on, it will backfire, let alone make a progress. Your body cannot suffer training, even if you really want to do it, it is in vain. The efforts you make during several months are vain in one month.

Drink less water

You should drink adequate water while cycling. It will never do to drink less water. Not only cannot swilling water quench your thirst, but also backfire. Moisture loss goes while long-distance cycling. It is wrong to drink water till you feel too hot and thirsted. Replenish water with the fixed time, fixed quantity as if watering plants. It will cause mudslides in the rainstorm when it doesn't rain a long time.

Fall down in the final line

Before you finish an activity and reach the end, you've already maintained grooming, and your bike is perfect. However, when you get off, your feet are stuck in the pedals. Then you fall down, ass kissing the earth. That is so-called embarrassing zero-speed falling-down.