Top 4 Winter Cycling Jackets for Chilly Weather

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Nowadays, there are more and more people joining the cycling, and many of them would like to cycle in the cold weather. People want to challenge themselves. Of course, they will face all kinds of challenges, too. For instance, the extremely cold weather, rainy days, windy period,  and also the poor visibility.It is not only for you to enjoy your cycling trip, but also for you to protect yourself well, then you have to prepare yourself well for those challenges. It means that you need a nice cycling jacket. The qualified jacket can keep you warm in the chilly wind, dry from the  rain and visible to other riders on a foggy day. You should really prepare yourself a suit like that before you starting your cycling in the Winter.

Now that it is a cycling suit for the Winter, then it must be a thick one with a few layers not only one. Over few years, cycling clothing has become more popular and professional in the market. So we can see a variety of cycling suits. And it will make people have difficulties in choosing a nice and appropriate cycling jacket in such a large area. Next, here are some of the best jackets for the Winter will be introduced.

Docooler Fleece Thermal Cycling Long Sleeve Jersey Winter Outdoor Windproof Wind Cycling Jacket 


Cycling in Winter is a very enjoyable thing for most riders because they can do the adventures with their bikes, and see the fantastic sceneries of Winter. Expect for wearing for cycling, you can also address it when you go to climbing or hiking in the cold weather. So a Docooler fleece thermal cycling long Sleeve Jersey is one of the best choices for you. It contains lots of fleece which makes you surrounded by warmth. Besides, it owns a bright fluorescence green that helps other people see you in a poor visibility weather. And then to avoid some unnecessary collision. What’s  more, the design of this cycling jacket is distinctive and handsome. This attractive appearance will bring you joy and make you look different.  There are some other features of this jacket:

  • It is filled with windproof material and fleece inside, which keeps you warm in cold Winter.
  • It has a design of durable full open zipper. And it is a tight zipper to keep the water and wind out.
  • Three rear pockets are convenient for wearers to keep some small items.
  • Reflective logos will make sure of a safe riding during the night and the foggy days.
  • Unique design and elegant shape make your cycling draw more attention.

Santic Men's Cycling Thermal Windproof  Winter Fleece Jacket 


Santic is a big industrial company that mixes R&D, design, and production together. It removes all the middleman cost, offers special functional cycling apparel, shoes and some other products, sales to more than 30 countries around the world. It also has a cooperation with Chinese Cycling Association and some other famous  Chinese cycling organizations. Anyway, it is a very reliable company which sells great cycling clothing with a fair price. And this windproof winter fleece cycling jacket is a good example of their products.The combination of red and black makes it becomes a very classical cycling coat among a horde of other kinds of cycling clothing. Now, more specific features of it are bellowed:

  • Three layers of fleece in this jacket provides you a super warm protection. And the thick windproof material on the surface of the jacket prevents the cold wind blowing into your body. You can cycle in the cold winter without feeling the low temperature.
  • This cycling jacket has all kinds of sizes for you to choose, no matter you want the Asian ones or the American ones.
  • It can ensure your safety for there are many reflective strips being printed on the coat. They can be seen by the other people when you ride at night.
  • It has a very practical design.—finger hole windproof design in the cuffs. You can poke your fingers out through the holes. This design can stop the wind blow into your arms, and make you do not need to roll your sleeves up when you cycling.
  • The backside of the coat is a little bit longer than the front side. It can protect your waist from getting cold when you are bending your back to cycling.  If you do some other sports like hiking, running and skiting, you will feel very comfortable and warm for the longer side covers your waist well.
  • There are some pockets at the back, and they will be convenient for carrying your personal stuff when you cycling.

ARSUXEO Winter Warm-UP Thermal Fleece Cycling Jacket Windproof

ARSUXEO is a famous brand of cycling products, especially is clothing. A cycling jacket recommends here is in blue. It is a really nice color for you sportsmen. It can not only represent health, but also an elegant charm of sportsmen. The jacket has two unique designs in the back collar the waist. The former one is a dent in the back collar which makes your neck more comfortable. And the latter one is a tight waist design which shows the good shape of your body. Besides, it has a quite reasonable price. You definitely would like to buy one. If you are still not tempted by those features., then you should continue to focus on the coming points:

  • There are not only windproof but also waterproof fleece design in the front part of the jacket. It can make you warm and dry in the cold weather and rainy or snowy days during your cycling.
  • A reflective brand logo on the position of left cheat and two stripes will keep you safe in darkness. And the blue color would also work the same.
  • In the zipper pockets, you can put your valued items, and the back pocket makes more place for safe storage.
  • The black parts of the jacket are made of lycra fabric. They are breathable and elastic which will keep you comfortable and free during your cycling.

Pandoom Outdoor Sports Women's Windproof Long Sleeves Winter Fleece Thermal Cycling Bicycle Jersey Jacket

In the top 4 winter jackets, three of them are for males. Of course, the fourth one we have waited for a long time is for female. So now let’s talk this female one. Pandoom’s  long sleeves winter fleece thermal cycling jacket is a beautiful and useful one for women. The major color of it is light blue, and it can show the energy and grace of women. In addition, it is specially designed for women, so the line and shape of it will totally perform the beauty of them. Not matter young girls or the middle-age ladies, they can all handle it and love it. This jacket is a typical coat with high quality and costs only about 27$. So what are you waiting for? If you can not decide yet, just pay attention to the next few advantages of it:

  • This cycling clothing has three-layer fabric and thick thermal material inside like fleece which can stop your heat fleeing away. And the quick-dry mesh fabric design can make you stay dry and cool.
  • It can give you an enjoyable experience of riding because this new suit will bring you a kind of different glamor which makes you more confident. Evey one can feel your changes and your charms according to this new cycling jacket.
  • A full-open and invisible zipper is not only very convenient for you but also the harmony of its general appearance. Three pockets on the back make you easy to store your personal items.
  • The bright colors the reflective logo of it help people see you in the darkness, which can keep you in safe.
  • The quality of this jacket is very good, and the printing uses the imported Italian ink which will never fade.

Anyway, cycling in winter is such an enjoyable thing for you. And the full preparation before the starting of your cycling. Of course, a good, warm, windproof, safe, and remarkable cycling coat is the best choice for you. So, why not pick your battle suit for cycling in these top 4 cycling clothing that I recommend here? Price is not the reason you refuse them for they are quite reasonable. And the styles and color would never become the confusions because they are fashionable and beautiful enough. Just buy it.