Top 4 Winter Cycling Jackets, the Strong Enemy for Coldness

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It’s well recognized that there is a lot of challenges for riders’ cycling in cold weather. Comparing with summer, the shorter daylight hours and possible severe weather all contribute to difficulties in cycling. The best way to solve it is not to put your bikes aside during the process but to be well-prepared before your tour. So how to prepare for it? Keeping you warm, dry and visible to others is extremely important when you are cycling in winter. At that season, the best winter cycling jackets are indispensable for riders.

As for cycling clothes, with cycling’s popularity, it becomes more and more diverse in recent years.  This provides many choices for riders to choose. But we cannot deny that a jacket is much better than many layers. And 4 best winter cycling jackets are as followed.

The Cycling Casual Sporting Winter Cold Jacket (God Of War)

If you enjoy cycling in the winter, a most terrible challenge is coldness, so you should be cautious about warmness. A well-known winter cycling jacket, the Cycling Casual Sporting Winter Cold Jacket, is taking up a good market share in nowadays. The jacket is designed especially for outdoor sports activities like cycling and hiking in cold weather. More interesting is that the jacket can not only protect you against coldness, but it also has an outstanding look. And mainly three fabric layers make it.

The outer- The outer layer is made of knitted fabric, which can strengthen its elasticity and is a help of moving.

The middle layer comprises a special film that can contribute to ventilation and water tightness.

The inner-Thanks to making by warm and soft fleece, the inner layer can give riders warmness and softness at the same time, adding the pleasure during your cycling. Besides, the fleece is high-quality without generating pluff and pilling.

The unique three-layer design makes this kind of jacket suit for outdoor sports activities as hiking, running, cycling, jogging and so on. And it also is in durable.

Men’s select Pearl Izumi Thermal Barrier Jacket

As for men’s riders, it is a great choice. Having various prices from $86.99 to $125, riders can afford to get it home easily. What makes it unique is that it can act as a protective layer for saving moisture in general body, let alone the significant warm-keeping use. What’s more, this kind of winter cycling jacket is a powerful competitor for wind. What other outstanding characteristics make it popular contains:

On the inner side lies a label about some tips, such as what is the best way to do cleaning for the jacket. The answer is simple, using a little amount of detergents.
Its materials are special and unique. It is made of polyester.
Even if it cannot play a constructive role in insulation, it has a wonderful performance in waterproof and wind resistance in bad and cold weather.
The jacket have a long lifetime, which accompanies you a long journey.
Combining with the Softshell, Thermal, Barrier and Transfer, it applies a 4 core fabric technology. Cycling in the cold season, it is a good helper for you to against with coldness and dampness.
Having the jacket, you are the decision-maker, because your orientation cannot be changed by wind’s influence. That is a creative design for the Pearl Izumi jacket thermal barrier jacket.
WOLFBIKE Fleece Thermal Cycling Jacket

WOLFBIKE Fleece Thermal Cycling Jacket is a popular option for people who search for jackets with a good quality and in fashion simultaneously. Of course, it also does well in keeping warm and dry. The jacket is one of the products of WOLFBIKE, a prestigious company specializes in manufacturing sports products, such as helmets protective gear, cycling apparel, various cycling accessories, etc. Comparing with other competitors, the winter cycling jacket is in a high quality but at a low price, from $22.99 to $49.89.  Additionally, the company is endeavoring at developing a friendly customer service and professional performance for all its products. The features make the thermal cycling jacket more excellent are below..

1.With a mesh material on the backside, it contributes to the breath’s frequency.

With a special design for defending against the wind and storing moisture, the jacket can keep away from other harmfulness as well, such as UV rays.
Its zipper develops an all-open design, with water-resistant and scratch-resistant functions.
The fabric it uses can play a crucial role to resist water infiltration.
The back side also uses reflective materials, making the riders be careful about other cyclists.
The fleece does well in warm-giving in the cold weather.
Designed for motion extraordinarily, the Wole bike men’s jacket has a very small weight.
Taking large capacity and beauty into consideration, the jacket adopts elastic staff and two-pocket fashion, which is blind in sight.
The Sobike Windproof Winter Cycling Long Jersey (Wind Storm)

Out of its attractive outlook and amazing making, the jacket is widely popular among cyclists, especially the winter riding fans. For one thing, the purpose of the Sobike Windproof Winter Cycling Long Jersey is aimed at supplying warm for users and drying in dramatic temperature’s variation, from 0 to 20 degree. For another thing, made with rubber on its bottom hem, it is good at anti-slipping. Moreover, a lasting forever hood makes the jacket more appealing. In addition, it improves the users’ visibility by adding a couple of reflective stripes, which makes the activity safer.

With the cold season drawing near, it’s high time for you considered whether your jacket is warm enough? In order to make your winter cycling more comfortable, safer and more exciting, one of the Top 4 winter cycling jackets is your best choice. And those jackets can satisfy you with satisfied design, price, material, appearance, and functions. So don’t hesitate, and just to buy it.