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First of all, let’s talk about the necessity of wearing cycling clothing. Is it necessary to buy a suit of cycling clothing?

It is necessory tot wear cycling clothing and for better cycling trips.
We think it very necessary it buy a suit of cycling clothing and cycling pants are more important than cycling jerseys. Of course, you’d better buy a suit of cycling clothing. Besides, I’d love to remind you again that there is no need to wear underpants when you are wearing cycling pants or its ventilation effect will be not so good.
Why is it necessary? The reason is simple. Wearing a suit of cycling clothing can help you take a better riding, reduce the wind drag and achieve a good effect in sweat discharge and ventilation. In less elegant terms, it will look pretty cool in this way. From the point of demand, it’s quite necessary and from the point of players, it is more specialized.

Generally speaking, cycling clothing is close-fitting which can avoid catching the wind. There is no doubt that we’ve had the experience of wind almost drumming our back into balloons when wearing loose cycling clothing, So we say it can reduce wind drag.
The fabric of cycling clothing is mainly made of different kinds of breathable materials produced by different firms around the world, So the sweat can be out of body while riding. However, cotton clothes are far from it. Meanwhile, it also faces a problem to be solved that almost all of the cycling clothing are light-weight and easy pilling.
★★★ Premise: cycling jerseys tend to be designed more professionally
It is characteristic is that the sleeves are longer than the similar-sized clothes with a view to the pose of arms are to the longest when riding( short sleeves are not designed in this way in long-sleeve cycling jersey). So some sleeves are usually lengthened to make certain that they can cover wrists and other parts when you are riding.
Next, in view of the different pose of when you are riding, it is obviously that the behind is much longer than the front. It is designed the same as average clothes but it is more apparent and conspicuous in cycling jersey.
★★★warm prompt: Do pay attention to keeping your waist warm while going riding. Especially in the condition of quite low temperature, your waist will easily get hurt when exposing in the condition of blowing wind and low temperature. Next, there are little pockets in the part of back and side. 3 pockets in the back which you can put some chocolates in it to supply energy anytime is the most common design in the cycling jersey.cycling jersey

Next, almost all the cycling jersey is pullovers (some cycling jersey which worn during winter is not included). There is a long zipper in order to breathe in the part of chest. Generally speaking, about the man cycling jerseys, the longer the zipper is, the better it breathe. While woman cycling jersey is rather conservative to avoid accidental exposure (some cycling jerseys are even designed with push-up bra inside to avoid the concerns of wearing bra and breathe more freely. Some players who care for women can take it into account)
Is there any substitute? Of course, it is OK wearing an outdoor-exercised Dacron vest inside and a close-fitting wind coat outside, but its effect is modest. Of course, a set of cycling jersey is not so expensive and it is worthwhile to buy one.
As to short sleeves and long sleeves, you can choose them in this way: you can choose long sleeves when the temperature is low and the variation of temperature is slight, if not, you can choose the short sleeves.cycling jersey

Then, I will talk about the cycling pants. It is bound to torture your ass for cycling is not as comfortable as sitting on the sofa. Not to mention you have to be fixed on a little cushion and torture your thigh by the friction of two sides of the cushion ,so cycling pants are more important than cycling jerseys.

I will not talk so much about its ventilation and other properties. Please give refer to above content.
The main function of the cycling pants is the design of padded (Don’t get it wrong). This layer is usually made of COOLMAX (actually it is the thin layer on the surface). Its function is to breathe freely (for the ass is easy to sweat). It also buffers the bunching from the cushion.

cycling jersey
★★★One point you need to pay attention to: With increasing number of use, the cushion will get thinner and thinner and lose the effect gradually. So the cycling pants are easy-consumed goods. Some cycling pants with thicker cushion are more comfortable, but its breathability is affected.
Besides, some cycling pants are unisex. Some cycling pants that distinct man from woman strictly are more specialized and personal, so you need to purchase according to different circumstances. Otherwise, your pad will torture much when man wear cycling pants designed for woman.

Having talked about so much, I will give you some suggestions and displays on purchasing
Let’s talk about the cycling jersey first.
I have mentioned above whether choose long sleeves or short sleeves.
★★★Several points you need to pay attention to:
You’d better choose the jersey with a long zipper for a better ventilation (except for avoiding accidental exposure).
The jersey with reflective stripe will be better. With a little pocket in the back or sides, you can take snacks at will. It will be better with a closed pocket to put your cellphone inside.
Generally speaking, there are 3 kinds of coating in cycling jersey.
One is enterprise logo scattered all over the cloth. You will be a living advert when wearing it.
One coating is with certain characteristic. For example, tiger paper implemented by FULUN CULTURE, is full of Chinese characteristic and I like it very much .It is a pity that the color of it is monotonous and I can’t show that kind of artist beauty.
Another one is quite plain. Under the premise of ensuring the function of cycling, you can totally take it as average jacket without any wrong with it.

cycling jersey

★★★There are 3 kinds of cycling pants:
1. One is the type of underpants which you can wear inside any kind of pants and you will not be considered as abnormal by your male colleagues because of your ass plumping too much. It will be rather comfortable when you commute and it will not hurt too much when your wife is kicking your ass.
2. One is hot pants or pants which is the most common. You can wear it in all seasons. Besides, I don’t recommend you to wear the pants with elastic band around the waist. Because if it’s too loose, your pants will fall off easily and if it’s too tight, it will make you feel uncomfortable. In a word, it’s uncomfortable anyway.
3. Another kind is one-piece. People seldom buy this kind of cycling jersey for it’s difficult to find one that jacket and pants are both suitable for you unless its size is very good or its flexibility is rather big. For me, I think this is the most comfortable one because it’s suspender. You will feel very comfortable as long as the size is fitted for you. There is only problem that it is not convenient for you to answer the call of nature. But it won’t be a problem when you get used to it for its good elastic. This is my favorite one though few people will buy it.
★★★one point you need to pay attention to :
You need to pay attention to how do the legs of pants be designed. Generally speaking, the pants are close-fitting, however, if the legs are too tight, it will make you feel very uncomfortable. So if you are a man with thick legs, do pay attention to it.

cycling jersey
★★★ At last, I will give you a most streamlined version of the purchase proposal:
Cycling jersey:
1. Choose the one with front zipper which can be pull relatively large, for good ventilation.
2. Choose the one with small pockets which can take small things. it will be better with a closed pocket which you can put your mobile phone in it.
3. Choose the one with reflective stripe to ensure safety when you are riding at night.
4. When you try on clothes, please hold your arms to the front and bend down slightly and then make a cycling posture. If the clothes can just cover your wrist (if it is long sleeves) and there is no bound feeling under your arms ,besides, your waist doesn’t hang out ,it will be the one that you want.
Cycling pants:
1. You should keep low profile to choose the type of underpants. It will be OK for you to wear it no matter you go to work.
2. You should choose them according to different circumstances. You must make sure that don’t bound on your thigh.
5. If you want absolute comfort, you can choose one –piece.
6. Cycling pants is more expensive than cycling jerseys for its high technology. So if sold separately, cycling pants are more expensive than cycling jerseys. So you need to take the prize into consideration. Try to choose well-known brand with superior quality and professionalism.
7. At last, according to my personal experience, many riders spend a lot of money to buy a bike, but they hate to part with their money to buy a suit of superior cycling clothing. Every time they wear the inferior cycling clothing, they torture themselves for the cycling clothing misfits them and causes a lot of problems. Eventually, they are afraid to take a long-distance riding. So you’d better choose the one whose brand, quality and craft are guaranteed.