ILPALADINO Horse Men's Professional MTB Cycling Jersey Breathable and Quick Dry Comfortable Bike Shirt for Spring Autumn NO.286

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What is the relationship between cycling and health?
One of the fundamental laws of biology is activity, while inactivity leads to disease and death. Activity is to cycling system, like food to the digestive tract, air to the respiratory tract, water to the circulatory systems. Every organ of the body has its specific job, and its ability depends on nurturing and developing. We exercise the muscle, and then muscles are strong.
1.It can obviously improve the working ability of cranial nerve cells. It stimulates the brain to produce endorphins that provide a healthy sense of pleasure. Cycling can make your mind more quick-witted.
2.Cycling promotes the psychological development tremendously. Such as to enhance confidence, cultivate stable emotions, develop intelligence, etc.
3.Cycling makes the heart more efficient and muscular and makes blood pressure normal. if the blood pressure is high, cycling can make it lower
4.The cycling increases the oxygen capacity of the blood and carries the blood with sufficient oxygen
to the body. Cycling exercise makes blood circulation more active and can increase immunity.
5.Frequent riding can make breathing muscles strong, increase lung capacity
6.Cycling promotes digestion, helps people lose weight, burns heat, and improves metabolism and increases human vitality.
7.Riding can relax muscle tension and stimulate bone tissue through muscle to promote calcium storage in bones.
8.Cycling exercise endocrine system maintains physiological balance so that the pituitary, pancreas, adrenal gland more effective.
9.Riding increases endurance, delayed fatigue occurs.
10.The exercise of brain tissue acquires electrical energy, and autonomic nerves and autonomic nerves can get a better balance.
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