Ilpaladino Snow Polar Bear Men's Long/Short-sleeve Cycling Bike jersey T-shirt Summer Spring Autumn Road Bike Wear Mountain Bike MTB Clothes Sports Apparel Top NO.299

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Four benefits of cycling
1. Enjoy a healthy family time
Cycling is a sort of sport that the whole family can participate together. The smallest child can sit on a child's seat or a baby trailer, and cycling is good for the joints, so there's no reason why not to let Grandpa and Grandma come in.
In addition, the habit of cycling may have sown the seeds for the next Bradley Wilkins growing. There is no doubt that children will be influenced by the choice of their parents ' movements, as studies have found. In short, if your child sees you riding a bike, they will think it's supposed to be and will be learning a role model. But when they are teens, they may be embarrassed by a tight suit, and it doesn't have to be weird.
2. Can eat more snacks
Private physicians generally won’t advise you to increase salt intake, but if you're going to have a few days of high-strength riding or other sports, you should do so. In this case, you can eat more potato chips or other salty foods that you should avoid in peacetime. Sodium in food can prevent the loss of sodium due to excessive water, resulting in hyponatremia. This symptom can cause confusion, cause disease or worse.
3. Improving other sports levels
Whether you want to shape your body or improve the tennis level, proper cycling is a good way to start. A recent medical study in Norway, called "aerobic endurance training to improve soccer," shows that cycling is a huge chain of benefits for other sporting events and activities.
4. Making a breakthrough in creativity
Writers, musicians, artists, senior executives or other professionals, almost all of them solve mental disorders through exercise and make decisions. The famous includes Jeremy Paxman, Sir Alan Sugar and Spandau Ballet. A study found that aerobic exercise in just 25 minutes can inspire at least a creative thinking. It is largely attributed to the constant delivery of oxygen to the most important brain gray matter, stimulating neurons, allowing you to breathe away from chaos and "real life" pressures.

Gender: Men’s

Pattern: Fashion

Occasion: Outdoor/Indoor

Activity: Activewear/Athleisure for Running, Cycling/Bike, Leisure Sports, Exercise & Fitness

Fabric: Elastane, Polyester

Season: Winter

Function: Thick, Insulated, Breathable, Waterproof, Fleece Lining, Reduces Chafing, Back Pocket, Reflective Strips, Compression, Windproof.

Sleeve Length: Long Sleeves

Fit: Slim

Zipper Type: Full Length Hidden Zipper

Waistline: Natural

Embellishment: Full Length Hidden Zipper, Reflective stripe, Back Pocket


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Look After Me: Wash seperately, Hand wash, Machine wash

Top Length: Regular