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One thing you need to avoid in cycling relaxation
To sit down and lie down immediately after the exercising
In an intense exercise, the heart beats turn faster, muscles and capillaries expand, and the blood flow accelerates. At the same time, muscles contract rhythmically, squeezing small veins and promoting blood flow back to the heart quickly.
If you stop and rest immediately, the rhythmical contraction of your muscles will stop, and then the considerable blood that flows into the muscles cannot flow back to the heart by the muscle contraction, resulting in decreased blood pressure the emergence of a temporary brain ischemia, with the symptoms of palpitate, shortness of breath, dizziness, paleness or even shock and faint. Therefore, make some exercise of low intensity after strenuous exercise and stop to rest after the breathing and heartbeat basically turn normal.
The purpose of the exercise is to keep fit, health care, and running and riding are the representatives of aerobic exercise. The quality of the exercise is directly related to how you relax after the exercise.

Note: The main difference between A and B is the arm print

1.Sports Clothing Type: Jersey
2.Gender: Women's
3.Season: Summer Spring
4.Function: Breathable - Made from fabric that transfers moisture vapors away from the body; helps keep cool and dry, Quick Dry - Quick drying thanks to ventilation,absorbent and moisture-wicking material Ultraviolet Resistant
5.Fabric: Polyester


    Sports Clothing Type: Jersey, Top
    Activewear Category: Women Cycling Jersey
    Occasion: Outdoor, Leisure Sports, Practise, Performance, Indoor
    Season: Fall, Summer, Spring
    Function: Lightweight Materials, Compression, Quick Dry, Ultraviolet Resistant, Breathable, Reduces Chafing, Back Pocket
    Fabric:100% Polyester, Terylene, Polyester
    Zipper Type: Full Length Hidden Zipper

    Sleeve Length: Long Sleeves
    Top Length(cm):Regular
    Elasticity    Stretchy
    Wash method: Wash separately, Machine wash
    Pattern: Nature & Landscapes, Slim, Fashion, Holiday


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