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    Let me tell you the right riding postures.

    1. Reduce buttock pain when you are riding

    The main reason for the buttock pain is to ride in the wrong way in which the weight of the upper body is concentrated on where you touch the saddle. As long as you use the right riding posture, you can reduce the resistance against the blood flow and the opportunities of abrasion and swelling. In addition to the use of the right riding posture of taking advantage of your weight to pedal, riding a bike is also like riding a horse by relying on the saddle with your buttock lightly seated in it. This can not only save energy, but also reduce the oppression on the buttock, which promotes the blood flow and helps to avoid hip pain. Besides, change the sitting posture every 10 minutes can also relive the pain.

    1. Stretch the tendons

    Tendons stretching can prevent cramps and reduce fatigue. In particular, cycling for a long time induces the sore pain of wrist, neck and shoulder, foot tendon, and even cramps, so the cyclists are supposed to frequently stretch the bodies while riding. The stretch before the riding should start from the neck, and then down to the feet, while the stretch on the way should start from the feet to the neck. In short, the habit of stretching tendons should be developed before, during and after the exercise, which can keep the tendons and muscles soft and from cramps.


    Made up of 100% polyester, the cycling jersey is pretty much breathable and quick drying;

    1. Three back pockets designed to carry some essentials while cycling;
    2. Selecting transfer fabric, it is in good performance in moisture transfer and stretching; printed by sublimation( using Italian Ink), it will never fade and do harm to people’s skin;
    3. Suitable for cyclists in all levels for road biking or mountain biking. It avoids any skin discomfort in any situations such as sweaty because it is quick drying, making people feel comfortable while riding. These cycling jerseys are popular among cycling teams and cycling clubs as well as customized jerseys.
    4. Hand washing or machine washing(with wash bag) under 100 degree Celsius.
    The size is specially customized according to the US standard size. Please reference the size chart when you place an order, just select the size you need.