Ilpaladino Little Tiger Men's Long/Short-sleeve Cycling Bike jersey T-shirt Summer Spring Autumn Road Bike Wear Mountain Bike MTB Clothes Sports Apparel Top NO.166

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Riding makes you 10 years younger

  1. Release your stress completely

You need to get close to nature while riding. You can also breathe fresh air and appreciate beautiful scenery.Studies in American believe that this outdoor activity can stimulate the brain to secrete dopamine and produce pleasure, which is a good way to release stress for middle age people.

  1. Make the brain healthier

 Even in open field with sparsely population, riders should pay close attention to the road situation. Moreover, in most cases, riders cross the streets and alleys to handle various traffic situations. This can practice response sensitivity and response ability of the nerve, be beneficial to improve the functions of the brain, and play a role in preventing brain aging, improving the agility of the nervous system.In addition, riding also accelerates blood circulation, so that the brain can absorb more oxygen and help to maintain a clear mind.

  1. Make the lower limbs stronger

 The main movement of riding is leg movement. According to the statistics of scientistsexperiment, 26 pairs of the muscles on the lower limbs exercise 180 to 200 time per kilometer.

  At the same time, the 3 pairs of large joints of the lower limbs can also participate in exercise. It can strengthen the bounce of the legs, and delay the aging process of the lower limbs.

  1. Adjust nerve function

There are many nerve endings in the human foot. When stepping on the pedal of the bicycle, the nerve endings are stimulated by repeated friction and pressure of the pedal, and the function of the nervous system can be regulated automatically; reflecting to the internal and external organs, coordinating and balancing their physiological functions. It can keep the body’s neural feedback mechanism in active state. This benign stimulation will relax the whole body, accelerate metabolizing and maintain pleasure.

Gender: Men’s

Pattern: Fashion

Occasion: Outdoor/Indoor

Activity: Activewear/Athleisure for Running, Cycling/Bike, Leisure Sports, Exercise & Fitness

Fabric: Elastane, Polyester

Season: Winter

Function: Thick, Insulated, Breathable, Waterproof, Fleece Lining, Reduces Chafing, Back Pocket, Reflective Strips, Compression, Windproof.

Sleeve Length: Long Sleeves

Fit: Slim

Zipper Type: Full Length Hidden Zipper

Waistline: Natural

Embellishment: Full Length Hidden Zipper, Reflective stripe, Back Pocket


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Look After Me: Wash seperately, Hand wash, Machine wash

Top Length: Regular