Ilpaladino Men's Long/Short-sleeve Cycling Bike jersey T-shirt Summer Spring Autumn Road Bike Wear Mountain Bike MTB Clothes Sports Apparel Top NO.205

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Cycling may sometimes bring about health problems.

  1. "Balls pain" problem of males

The main reason for prostatitis in cycling is incorrect riding posture. For example, the saddle is too high to fit the cyclist's body, which not only causes cyclist's discomfort, uncoordinated movements but results in frictions between perineum and saddle because he can only reluctantly pedal up and down in a swaying manner so that the perineum and car seat friction. In particular, the upper part of the saddle is relatively high and makes the center-of-gravity falls back. The rugged roads make the bike bump, more easily stimulating the perineum and cause prostate congestion, swelling and damage.

  1. Secret sorrow of females

The saddle design makes the body weight mostly falls in the prominent part of the saddle in front, which imposes pressure on nerves and blood vessels around the genital area and makes some female cyclists suffer from numbness at some time. Fo long-term female cycling, a saddle too high or too hard or an unfit handlebar will cause the weight to concentrate excessively on the saddle. In that case, through the narrow seat front-end, the weight reacts to the perineum, oppresses the urethra and finally causes health problems such as congestion of the urinary system, poor urination, frequent urination, urine urgency, congestion or swelling of the perineum and so on.

Gender: Men’s

Pattern: Fashion

Occasion: Outdoor/Indoor

Activity: Activewear/Athleisure for Running, Cycling/Bike, Leisure Sports, Exercise & Fitness

Fabric: Elastane, Polyester

Season: Winter

Function: Thick, Insulated, Breathable, Waterproof, Fleece Lining, Reduces Chafing, Back Pocket, Reflective Strips, Compression, Windproof.

Sleeve Length: Long Sleeves

Fit: Slim

Zipper Type: Full Length Hidden Zipper

Waistline: Natural

Embellishment: Full Length Hidden Zipper, Reflective stripe, Back Pocket


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Look After Me: Wash seperately, Hand wash, Machine wash

Top Length: Regular