Detective Comics Super Hero Short/Long-sleeve Summer Spring Men's Cycling Jersey Jacket Bicycling Suit T-shirt Clothes Sportswear Cycle Racing Batman NO.034

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Breathing Experience in cycling
Breath is also important in cycling movements. In the past, I like fast riding, fast to a certain distance and then prone to abdominal pain which is caused by breathing some outside air mixing with the gastrointestinal. So there was a time when I was paying more attention to the breathing with my stomach instead of using my chest, and as the result, it is much better. Breathing with mouth is right especially when climbing. You can’t breathe without mouth in that situation. But I do not mean to breathe the cold air immediately after eating breakfast but to tell you, my friends, if riding on the flat road, you can be satisfied by normal nasal breathing, then do not have to pant. Moreover, the mouth breathing on the flat road I refer is to down the mouth and nose to avoid the wind, the automatic contraction abdomen working under the premise. For uphill, a large confession oxygen is needed, breathing with the mouth and nose together as much as possible (not equal to waste); when it is cold, it is recommended to
warm up the body before going out. Naturally open mouth is alright while the tongue can properly roll up helping to heat the air. Breathing tip: under any circumstance (even you are chanting), the most taboo of breathing is without the rule.

1. Made up of 100% polyester, the cycling jersey is pretty much breathable and quick drying;
2. Three back pockets designed to carry some essentials while cycling;
3. Selecting transfer fabric, it is in good performance in moisture transfer and stretching; printed by sublimation( using Italian Ink), it will never fade and do harm to people’s skin;
4. Suitable for cyclists in all levels for road biking or mountain biking. It avoids any skin discomfort in any situations such as sweaty because it is quick drying, making people feel comfortable while riding. These cycling jerseys are popular among cycling teams and cycling clubs as well as customized jerseys.
5. Hand washing or machine washing(with wash bag) under 100 degree Celsius.

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