Men's Cycling Long-sleeved Jersey Spring Autumn Cycling Suit NO.771

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1. Roll the gas nozzle inside so that it won’t hurt you when you put it in the pocket.
2. Make sure there is a plastic lid of gas nozzle in your tools. If the gas nozzle leaks unfortunately, this lid can also replace it.
3. When you install the cover tyre, put the trademark on the same side with the gas nozzle of inner tyre, so that you can easily find out the holes of the cover tyre.
 4. When the tyre breaks, turn it to the other side and check if there is any small thorn. Pick out the thorns with fingernails from the particle surface.
 5. Don’t use the abrasive paper or metal knife in the tiring kit. A wet towel is enough to clean the inner tyre.
  6. To inflate the new inner tyre to a little bulge and then put it into the tyre; install the gas nozzle and put one side of the cover tyre into the tyre, and then the other side.
 7. When squeezing in the last part of the hard cover tyre, pull a little out and then squeeze in.
8. The last part of cover tyre to squeeze in is the densest part between inner tyre and rim; you don’t have to worry to pop it even though you don’t use tools.

"Gender: Men's
Pattern: Cartoon, Animal
Occasion: Practise, Performance, Indoor, Outdoor, Leisure Sports
Activity: Leisure Sports, Cycling / Bike
Accessories Material: PVC
Sports Clothing Type: Jersey, Top
Sports Clothing Category: Cycling Jersey
Fabric: 100% Polyester
Sleeve Length: Long Sleeves
Zipper Type: Single Slider
Embellishment: Full Length Hidden Zipper
Season: Fall/Autumn, Spring
Function: Breathable, Quick Dry, Ultraviolet Resistant

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