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Five benefits of cycling
1. You are helping others
Many cyclists use their health and determination to raise money for those who are unlucky. Since 1980, London-Leiden bike riding has raised more than 45 million pounds for the British Heart Foundation, and countless rides have been working for a lofty charity.
2. Don't need to be too hard to keep fit
Insisting on cycling every day can bring great benefits to your body while saving you the gym expenses. According to the National Foundation for coronary heart disease, the physical fitness of a cyclist is the equivalent of a 10-year-old person who is not exercising.
3. Increasing lung capacity
As we all know, cycling is much quicker than breathing. The amount of oxygen required by an adult to ride a bike is 10 times than the amount of oxygen required to watch TV at the same time. If you can ride a bike regularly, you can also gradually strengthen the cardiovascular system, so that your heart and lungs more effectively work, more and faster absorb oxygen. In other words, exercise can be more than less. How does it sound?
4. Burning more fat
The exercise physiologists found that the body's metabolic rate — the efficiency of burning calories and fats — is not only increased during cycling but also maintain for hours after cycling. Mark Simpson, a sports physiologist at the Loughborough University says: "Even if you ride only 30 minutes, it will burn a lot of calories for a few hours."
The healthier you are, the more benefits you receive. A recent study suggests that cyclists who join a fast intermittent ride are 3.5 times more than cyclists who ride slowly burn fat.
5. Cycling helps you lose weight ——Don't lose too much.
Spending a good time with your companions
Perhaps your rhythm is very different when it is not important--slowing down the rhythm and go with your companion. Many couples do one or two times a week. This is justified: exercise helps to release the sensation of good hormones, even if he forgets to cover the toilet lid or her hair plug the hole, there is no longer care about it, the only warmth between two people.

"Gender: Men's
Pattern: Cartoon, Animal
Occasion: Practise, Performance, Indoor, Outdoor, Leisure Sports
Activity: Leisure Sports, Cycling / Bike
Accessories Material: PVC
Sports Clothing Type: Jersey, Top
Sports Clothing Category: Cycling Jersey
Fabric: 100% Polyester
Sleeve Length: Long Sleeves
Zipper Type: Single Slider
Embellishment: Full Length Hidden Zipper
Season: Fall/Autumn, Spring
Function: Breathable, Quick Dry, Ultraviolet Resistant

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