ILPALADINO Green-feather Horse Men's Professional MTB Cycling Jersey Breathable and Quick Dry Comfortable Bike Shirt for Spring Autumn NO.292

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Four benefits from cycling
1. Away from cancer
There is a body of evidence that any exercise is beneficial for resisting cancer. But some research shows that cycling seems to be specially designed for body cells’ orderly work. A long-term research done by Finnish researchers shows that a male does proper exercise for at least 30 minutes every day, he can reduce half incidence rate of cancer risk. What is the “proper exercise” here——cycling to work. Other researchers discover that female who ride the bike often can decrease 34% risk of breast cancer.
2. Losing weight on seat
Many people treat jogging as the best way to lose weight. Although jogging can burn your fat a lot, it is not your tailored if there is a distance to your ideal weight. Think about it—— two or three times of your weight pounds your body when your feet touch the ground. If you are 100kg, it is a large action force. On the contrary, since you cycle——the seat bears your weight so your skeleton and joint won’t wear each other. Jogging can wait for a while.
3. Earning more money
If you cycle for losing weight, you do make loads of money…… well, it may not so much. Jay Zagorsky, a researcher from Ohio State University, has analyzed data from the American youth longitudinal survey——7,300 people were visited regularly during 1985-1000 as samples——to see how would their changes in the relationship of their obesity degree and wealth change. Zagorschi concludes that an increase in body mass index (BMI) is equivalent to losing 800 pounds or an 8% reduction in wealth. So go to cycle to lose weight, meanwhile for making money.
4. Saving emissions
You may think that the harmful exhaust fumes you inhaled in in the urban area are far more than the car drivers and passengers. A study conducted by Imperial College London revealed that it was not the case. The researchers found that passengers in buses, taxis, and cars were in substance more than cyclists and pedestrians inhaled pollution.
On average, taxi passengers are exposed to more than 100,000 000 ultrafine particles per cubic centimeter, which can enter into the lungs and destroy tissue cells. Bus passengers will inhale less than 100,000 ultrafine particles and car passengers will inhale about 40,000. Cyclists are exposed only to the air environment of 8,000 ultrafine particles per cubic centimeter. The study found that it is cleaner to ride a bicycle, because we walk on the edge of the road, unlike the drivers who are in a straight line with exhaust pipes. Cyclists inhale less harmful substances than motorists.
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