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Cycling tips: cycling outdoors and healthy diets

      1. After exercise, feeling warm and sweating a little is a sign that your body is burning fat.

After exercise, feeling warm and sweating a little is a sign that your body is burning fat. (One also sweats when feeling nervous and shy, so not all the sweat and fever is related to fat-burning.)

      1. Do not eat 2 hours before your bed time.

Usually, 2 hours after meal, your energy (calories) is supplied by carbohydrate in food. 3 hours after meal, your energy (calories) is provided by fat stored in food and glycogen stored in liver and muscle. Therefore, carbohydrate and fat which is absorbed from breakfast and lunch is the main energy resource for after-meal activities. Because one gets little exercise after dinner, he should avoid over-absorbing, or he will gain weight for this reason. It’s hard to burn fat, so don’t eat 2 hours before bed time to avoid the storage of carbohydrate transferring into fat. One needs energy (calories) supplement every per hour or every 30 kilometers. Usually, cycle races are 100-kilometers or over 2-hours’ ridings. Therefore, energy supplement is essential at midway, or one may shudder from head to foot. Basically, road racer needs energy supplement at least every 30 kilometers. (Racers average speed is at least 30 kilometers per hour, so energy supplement is needed at least every per hour) As for mountain bikers, they need supplement at least every per hour. Because the calorie consumption of mountain cycling is different from the road cycling’s, that’s why we can’t measure by kilometers. These are the reason why one will feel dizzy and sick after 3-hours

      1. While cycling, the best food for energy supplement is banana.

Though it is not the favorate food of natives (who think banana isn’t helpful for bone-growing and stomach), it is the commonest energy supplement during cycling activities. The reasons are as follows:

(1) Easy to bring and take in. (you can put it in the rear pocket of the vest to reach it

conveniently) Convenient to eat. (you can peel it without using knives or forks) Easy to go through your throat. (you can swallow it)

(2) It is easy to absorb, and rich in calories, nutrition and vitamins.

According to report, banana is rich in potassium which helps to reduce blood pressure. As the saying goes, a banana a day reduces 40% the risk of suffering apoplexia. Banana also helps secrete the brain serotonin, the anti-depressant that lift your mood.Lemon: wash clean without cutting into slices; suck its juice with mouth. The sour of lemon is alkalescent, which helps reduce acidate of the body. It can refresh oneself, and also provide plenty of vitamin C.Honey: Divide it into small bottles or dilute it. Honey is the most convenient carbohydrates which can be easily absorbed and transferred into calories; it is rich in many mineral substances and nutrition, and is also the popular food for cycling activity.Nata de coco: A candy which is easy to carry and go through your throat. (The package should be brought home)Chocolate: One should buy those won’t melt down easily. Chocolate with smooth surface is in good quality. Meanwhile, chocolate has unknown effect that it helps secrete brain serotonin, the anti-depressant which gives you a good mood.

Nougat: contains peanuts, and may help secrete saliva.

Raisins: It’s easy to go through throat and rich in calories, mineral substances and nutrition.Glucose solution: water with glucose, simple and clear, and effective and cheap. Sports drink: Its components are close to the electrolyte solution of human body fluid, and can be easily absorbed without adding extra burden to stomach. 1500 cc of it contains only 27 calories and supports about 5-minute-energy consumption. Therefore, sport drink is mainly for the water supplement and the balance of electrolyte to avoid dehydration and clonuses, not for calorie supplement.

  1. Three back pockets designed to carry some essentials while cycling;
  2. Selecting transfer fabric, it is in good performance in moisture transfer and stretching; printed by sublimation( using Italian Ink), it will never fade and do harm to people’s skin;
  3. Suitable for cyclists in all levels for road biking or mountain biking. It avoids any skin discomfort in any situations such as sweaty because it is quick drying, making people feel comfortable while riding. These cycling jerseys are popular among cycling teams and cycling clubs as well as customized jerseys;
  4. Hand washing or machine washing(with wash bag) under 100 degree Celsius.
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