ILPALADINO Cycling Race Winner Men's Professional MTB Cycling Jersey Breathable and Quick Dry Comfortable Bike Shirt for Summer NO.694

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Three merits of cycling for girls
1. Slimming and body shaping
Cycling is an aerobic exercise which needs a lot of oxygen for cyclists to participate in and can help the girls slimming and shaping body. But what calls for attention is that during the cycling, leg muscle exercise is very adequate. So at the end of cycling, some muscle stretching can be carried out in order to prevent the leg from thickening. Besides, girls who want to lose weight by cycling should notice that you'd better exercise for more than a half hour every time.
2. Physical Fitness
Cycling can effectively exercise the legs, arms, back, waist and other parts of the body. In addition to the effective weight loss merit, it can exercise these parts of the muscles and offer them more strength and elasticity. During the cycling, the blood circulation all around the body becomes smoother. With Qi and blood flowing in an unimpeded way, the body will be stouter and stouter. Thinner girls can ride to become more robust by cycling.
3. Relieving fatigue
When girls are cycling, the brain can release a type of body transmitter named dopamine, which can induce nerves to increase the excitement. Girls who are suffering frequent brain oxygen deficiency, dull thinking, distraction can alleviate these brain fatigue by cycling. The process of cycling is also a process of relaxing your body and mind, and it can be very good to relieve physical and psychological fatigue.
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