ILPALADINO Men's Professional MTB Cycling Jersey Breathable and Quick Dry Comfortable Bike Shirt for Summer NO.218

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Three merits of cycling

  1. Building your body

By cycling, you can not only lose weight but also make your body more proportioned and charming. The body of people who lose weight by exercise or by exercise with going on a diet is more decent and healthier than those who lose weight by relying merely on diet. The stout muscle that the exercise brings and the tiny foot ankle practiced by cycling are much better than the gauntness and bulging blue veins raised by mere diet!

  1. Effective aerobic exercise

Cycling is an exercise that requires a lot of oxygen. There was a time when an old man has cycled 460 kilometers in six days. He exercises at least three times a week to strengthen the heart and resume normal function. You should make your heart beat fiercely, but not too long. So it will be able to adapt to emergencies, such as catching a bus or resisting dilemmas.

  1. A clearer mind

In fact, cycling compresses the blood vessels and accelerates the blood circulation, the thus the brain absorbs more oxygen for you breathe in more fresh air. After a while, you'll find your mind clearer. Riding a bicycle that relies on your own physical strength to pedal, you will feel very relaxed and incredibly carefree. It is not only a weight loss exercise but also a spiritual exile.

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