Ilpaladino Multi-Strip White Men's Breathable Short-Sleeve Cycling Jersey Bicycling Shirts Summer Quick Dry Sport Wear NO.704

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    Three major mistakes of fitness in cycling
    Riding a bicycle seems simple, but in fact, it exercises the muscles of the whole body. Cycling is not tantamount to the fitness by cycling. If carefully observe around, it is not difficult to find some mistakes in cycling. So, how to ride can be helpful to the body?
    Issue 1: Constant speed pedal action
    Correction: The general people think that the so-called pedal is just to step down, making sure the wheels turning. In fact, the right pedal should include 4 consecutive movements, such as stepping, pulling, mentioning, and pushing. The feet tread downward firstly, followed by the calf backing to shrink, and then lift upward, and finally push forward, thus just a lap pedal is completed. So rhythmic pedal can not only save energy but also improve speed.
    Issue 2: the incorrect posture of riding
    Correction: The wrong riding posture affects not only the effect of exercise but also the damage to the body. For example, the outward legs and bowing are not correct postures. The right posture is: one should make body slightly leaned forward, straightening two arms, tightening abdominal, using abdominal breathing method, keeping two legs parallel to bike’s cross-beam, maintaining coordination between knees and hip joints, and grasping the rhythm of cycling.
    Issue 3: One-sided pursuit of strength and speed
    Correction: Many young people covet to ride far and fast, for example, when one has no experience of riding a long distance but reaching a 50-kilometer ride suddenly, with pursuing speed and strength on the way. In fact, this is very harmful to his body, and in extreme case serious knee will appear stagnant water. Exercise, frequency, and intensity are the three main principles of movement. It is recommended that beginners should find their own frequencies and then increase the amount of exercise, as the average person's pedal frequency at about 60-80 times per minute. Every ride should in high-frequency low speed for at least 20 minutes, that is, more gliding less hard warm-up till the body slightly sweating.

    Made up of 100% polyester, the cycling jersey is pretty much breathable and quick drying;

    1. Three back pockets designed to carry some essentials while cycling;
    2. Selecting transfer fabric, it is in good performance in moisture transfer and stretching; printed by sublimation( using Italian Ink), it will never fade and do harm to people’s skin;
    3. Suitable for cyclists in all levels for road biking or mountain biking. It avoids any skin discomfort in any situations such as sweaty because it is quick drying, making people feel comfortable while riding. These cycling jerseys are popular among cycling teams and cycling clubs as well as customized jerseys;
    4. Hand washing or machine washing(with wash bag) under 100 degree Celsius.
    5. The size is specially customized according to the US standard size. Please reference the size chart when you place an order, just select the size you need.