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Cycling tips: cycling outdoors and healthy diets

  1. One will faint easily without enough plasma glucose

One needs supplement of calories after strenuous exercise that lasts over two hours. If one exercises strenuously for three hours without any rest and food supplement, it will cause him temporary glucopenia for losing too much plasma glucose. If he lacks too much of it, he may even pass out.

  1. Honey and monosaccharides can be easily absorbed by body.

Liquid of honey and monosaccharides in fruits (amylaceum, fructopyranose etc.) can be easily absorbed by body. It is necessary for one to add calories after exercising. When coming to long-period exercise which lasts over two hours, one should be more considerate. While doing long-distance bicycle races and marathons which last for over two hours, one needs pay particular attention to the water and energy supplement. Its essentials are: “take in before exercise” and “take many times with little quantity”.

  1. Your body will burn carbohydrate alone first, and then will burn with fat.

In one’s body, it is carbohydrate, fat and protein that provide energy (calories). However, energy (calories) for exercise can be only provided by carbohydrate and fat. Strenuous anaerobic exercises, such as sprint and weight lifting, etc., only burn carbohydrate to get energy (calories). Moderate and long-lasted exercises like cycling and marathon will burn carbohydrate at first, and then together with fat when enough oxygen is available. Because fat can’t burn alone, losing weight is effective only when one exercises with the heart beating over 100 per minute and lasting for over 30 minutes.


Pattern: Fashion

Occasion: Outdoor/Indoor

Activity: Activewear/Athleisure for Running, Cycling/Bike, Leisure Sports, Exercise & Fitness

Fabric: 100% Polyester, Terylene

Season: Autumn & Spring

Function: Breathable, Thermal / Warm, Quick Dry, Ultraviolet Resistant

Zipper Type: Single Slider

Sleeve Length: Short Sleeves

Embellishment: Full Length Hidden Zipper

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