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    Arm pain in cycling and corresponding protective measures:
    Don't be too stretched and relax your muscle.
    The people who have just started to ride the bicycle often keep their arms stretched tight because of tension. Together with the poor use of waist muscle strength, the weight of the whole upper body is completely exerted on arms. Such riding habits will definitely bring too much burden on the arms, and the arm cannot naturally absorb the impacts of the ground from ahead, which inevitably results in sour pain.
    The training of waist strength
    You should slowly learn to use the muscles of the waist in the cycling to share the weight of the upper body. The method of training waist force is very simple, as long as you maintain the original riding posture but relax the arm muscles. Then the waist muscles will be forced to support the weight of the upper body. People rarely uses the waist muscles here (unless you make 100 push-ups every day), it is inevitable that you are not used to the way of force outputting. But as long as you don't give up and slowly transfer the pressure on the arms to the waist, your waist strength can be quickly modified through exercise. If the waist can effectively share the weight of the upper body, the burden on the arms will naturally be reduced, and the control reflects also can be faster and smoother, which is also a help for cycling safety. To adjust your riding posture in this way and train your muscles, then both your arm and waist strength will quickly keep up with your cycling intensity and rhythm, the pain of the a
    rm can also be naturally solved.
    Don't keep the elbow straight.
    You should pay more attention to the relaxation of your arm muscles when cycling. In particular, the position of the elbow must not be straight and need to have a slight curvature so that the arm muscles can have enough flexibility to withstand the impact of ground through the front handles and the weight of the upper body from behind. That is the "attack" from both ahead and behind!
    Bicycle setting
    If the neck and shoulder ache continues to occur and shows no improvement after cycling for a while, it is likely that your bike is not set correctly. The reason for neck and shoulder muscle ache is usually that the cycling posture is "bending ahead" too much, causing too many body weight to be exerted on the shoulder and the too upturned neck results in excessive use of neck muscle. Then it is necessary to adjust the setting of the bike, decrease or increase the height of the vertical, or use a frame of smaller size so as to shift the weight of the body toward the back and buttocks and effectively reduce the incidence of aching arms.

    Made up of 100% polyester, the cycling jersey is pretty much breathable and quick drying;

    1. Three back pockets designed to carry some essentials while cycling;
    2. Selecting transfer fabric, it is in good performance in moisture transfer and stretching; printed by sublimation( using Italian Ink), it will never fade and do harm to people’s skin;
    3. Suitable for cyclists in all levels for road biking or mountain biking. It avoids any skin discomfort in any situations such as sweaty because it is quick drying, making people feel comfortable while riding. These cycling jerseys are popular among cycling teams and cycling clubs as well as customized jerseys;
    4. Hand washing or machine washing(with wash bag) under 100 degree Celsius.
    5. The size is specially customized according to the US standard size. Please reference the size chart when you place an order, just select the size you need.