Ilpaladino Sunflower Orange Women's Quick Dry Short-Sleeve Cycling Jersey Biking Shirts Breathable Summer Sportswear Apparel Outdoor Sports Gear Leisure Biking T-shirt NO.509

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Three recipes for relieving pain in riding
1. A suitable saddle height
If the height of the saddle is too front or too low, causing buttocks to slide backward, the saddle will rub and then burn the crotch. And if the cushion is too high, it is easy to suffer pain at the sciatic joints. So it is helpful to find out the suitable saddle height to alleviate the pain. The following methods can help you to examine whether the height is correct. When you pedal to on the bottom dead point, the knees will be slightly curved or in a static state. And when you sit on the saddle, your heels are on the pedals and the feet upright at the same time. Though these two methods are not the most precise measurements, the results are similar.
2. Use small equipment
In order to ensure the entertainment of cyclists, many manufacturers spend lots of efforts to deal with the buttock pains, so there is much helpful merchandise on the market to alleviate the pain. For example, some pants with cushions can reduce the oppression. If you are riding the distance of 20km or more, it would be helpful to wear riding pants. And well-fitted riding pants and rubbing cream can also alleviate the frictions.

1.100% Polyester
2.Made of polyester, breathable, stretchy, lightweight and durable fabric
3.Excellent moisture wicking ability, anti-UV rays and quick drying function. Even you're sweaty, the jersey never adhere to your skin. Sublimation printing keeps colors bright and true after wash and wash, never fade
4.Reflective strips at the back make you highly visible at night and in low light environment. Elastic longer back hem with for extra coverage can prevent the back hem up and reveal the skin
5. 3 convenient rear pockets including a bigger one for storing essential small articles(cellphone or water bottle, etc.). A non-slip full length invisible zipper is easy to put on and take off
6.According to human body engineering, perfect for cycling riding racing or camping outdoor sports. The size is specially customized according to the US standard size. Please reference the size chart when you place an order, just select the size you need

The size is specially customized according to the US standard size. Please reference the size chart when you place an order, just select the size you need.